Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 4

Why did the man think there would be a problem?

1. What is the main purpose of the man’s call?

2. Why did the man think there would be a problem?

3. When might the customer call the man back?

4. What is the purpose of this notice?

5. What has increased over the last year?

6. Where should residents go to get more information?

7. What is being advertised?

8. What is special about the BodyWork?

9. How much can listeners save by taking advantage of the special offer?

10. Who most likely is the speaker?

11. What are listeners encouraged to do?

12. What will listeners probably hear next?

13. For whom is this message intended?

14. What should listeners who are inquiring about a billing problem do?

15. What will happen if listeners hold the line?

16. Where is this speech being delivered?

17. How many years has the company been a sponsor for?

18. What has been increasing steadily for several years?

19. Why are these instructions being issued?

20. What previous feature can the employees still use?

21. What are all employees now entitled to do?

22. What problem is highlighted in this report?

23. What is causing the trend?

24. How can residents help reduce the safety risks?

25. What is the purpose of this announcement?

26. Why is Mr. Ling not currently in attendance?

27. When was Ms. Kim originally scheduled to speak?

28. What is this talk mainly about?

29. Why do employees prefer transferring files through an online messenger?

30. How should employees exchange information?