Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 4

Where most likely does this announcement take place?

1. Where most likely does this announcement take place?

2. Why is the facility closing early?

3. What is located on the second floor?

4. Who most likely is the speaker?

5. When was Jack originally supposed to make the payment?

6. What will the speaker do if Jack cannot pay?

7. What is the main purpose of the talk?

8. What is Tina Hamner’s job?

9. What will happen at the auditorium tomorrow?

10. What is the purpose of the man’s call?

11. When will the woman probably contact him?

12. What does the man want to play a part in?

13. Who most likely is this information intended for?

14. Why are the event organizers happy?

15. What have the event organizers done to make it easier for participants?

16. What is being advertised?

17. How long has the facility been in operation?

18. In what way is the facility noticeably better than its competitors?

19. Where most likely is this speech delivered?

20. What occurred this year?

21. Who are praised for their vision and enthusiasm?

22. What is this report mainly about?

23. Who held a press conference at the airport?

24. What will be released later in the week?

25. Who most likely is the speaker?

26. What is being displayed?

27. What does the speaker remind everyone to do?

28. What is this announcement mainly about?

29. Why is the company currently experiencing difficulties?

30. What will have to happen before the management reconsiders its position?