Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 4

Where is this announcement being made?

1. Where is this announcement being made?

2. When is the next departure?

3. What can listeners do at the ticket office?

4. What is the woman doing?

5. How many people can a Turner hotel conference room hold?

6. What does the woman suggest?

7. What is happening next Saturday?

8. When will Harvey’s Film and Camera World close next week?

9. How much will the Harpoon Lazer camera cost?

10. What is the purpose of the man’s speech?

11. How long has Dr. Sandoval worked at Midtown Hospital?

12. What will Dr. Sandoval discuss?

13. Why is the woman calling?

14. When was the bill returned?

15. What does Ms. Roberts ask the man to do?

16. Who most likely is the speaker?

17. What does the speaker instruct listeners to do?

18. Where will listeners go first?

19. What is mentioned about the company?

20. Who is the speaker addressing?

21. What will listeners receive?

22. Who will discuss new company products?

23. What can listeners do in the room next door?

24. What will happen next?

25. Who is the speaker describing?

26. When did Ms. Jackson first appear in movies?

27. Which was Ms. Jackson’s acting debut?

28. What is being advertised?

29. How can someone get a discount on an entry-level membership?

30. What is included in the gold-level membership?