Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 4

What is the main purpose of the man's message?

1. What is the main purpose of the man's message?

2. Why does he have to change his plans?

3. When does the man recommend they get together tomorrow?

4. For whom is this announcement intended?

5. Where is the fire extinguisher kept?

6. What are listeners asked to do?

7. Where does this announcement take place?

8. What can listeners look at closely?

9. What does the speaker say about the display?

10. What is the main purpose of the man’s message?

11. How does the man feel about the woman’s skills?

12. What is the man impressed by?

13. What is the announcement about?

14. About how many hours will it take the technicians to complete the task?

15. What will listeners be unable to do this afternoon?

16. What is this report mostly about?

17. How much of the product do researchers suggest people have per day?

18. Why are researchers warning consumers?

19. Why is the speaker making the announcement?

20. What will listeners not be able to purchase from now on?

21. According to the speaker, what will probably happen in a few minutes?

22. What is this message mainly about?

23. What does the man offer to do?

24. How much is the penalty fee?

25. For whom is this advertisement intended?

26. According to the advertisement, what can customers get for free next month?

27. What has recently been added to all Darcy’s outlets across the country?

28. What is the main topic of this report?

29. What are local residents being urged to do?

30. Who will make a speech?