Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Tăng cường luyện thi - Bài số 8

Question 1 - 5 refer to the following letter

From: Swift Air Customer Service []

To: Rochelle Sato []

Subject: Earn air mileage with Swift Air

Dear Ms. Sato,

Our records show that you purchased international air tickets from Swift Air last week. For this reason, we would like to invite you to join the Swift Air Global Miles Program to accumulate free air miles towards an international flight of your choice.

Enrolling in our program is easy. Simply visit and complete an enrollment form. Once you have enrolled, you will be able to accumulate air miles immediately. You will be issued a Global Miles I.D. number to present when reserving flights and checking in with Swift Air. At the completion of your flight, mileage will automatically be credited to your account. Claims for uncredited miles can be made within one year from the flight date, so be sure to keep all original ticket stubs and boarding passes in case such a situation occurs.

*Please visit our Web site to enroll in the Swift Air Global Miles Program and to view mileage rates for our most popular international flights.
1. What is indicated about Ms. Sato?

2. According to the e-mail, what must Global Miles Program members present at check-in?

3. How many miles will members accumulate for a flight from Tokyo to Madrid?

4. According to the information, when will miles NOT be credited?

5. How long does it usually take to process a new membership?

Questions 6 - 10 refer to the following information.

Gateways Will Release New Browser

By Juanita Sanders

Los Angeles, July 22 - Gateways announced Thursday that it will release a new version of its Picket Fences browser. The announcement was made at the software company's Annual Conference on Technology by chief executive Dante Phillips.

Phillips said Picket Fences 2.0 will have twice the performance capabilities of the current version and will include a new archiving system and a more powerful instant messaging program. It will also have better graphics and a more refined appearance.

A trial version of Picket Fences 2.0 will be available for download from Gateways' Web site beginning July 25. The browser will become commercially available in August, selling for $119.
6. What is Picket Fences?

7. What is stated about Picket Fences 2.0?

8. The word “trial” in paragraph 3, line 1 of the article, is closest in meaning to

9. What is being advertised?

10. Why are customers encouraged to act quickly?

Questions 11 - 15 refer to the following notice.
Woodson Arts Center

1567 Commercial Street

Woodson, Illinois 62695

(217) 673-9993


Date Time Event

Friday, September 3 7 P.M. Brenda Nelson will sing her greatest hits.

Saturday, September 4 7 P.M. The High-tops will perform songs from their latest album.

Sunday, September 5 4 P.M. Artist Nicholai Henry's work will be on display.

Sunday, September 12 7 P.M. Comedian Todd Donald will perform.

11. Who will perform on September 12?

12. Who is Nicholai Henry?

13. On what day will the High-tops perform?

14. According to the information, why should concertgoers arrive early?

15. What are audience members encouraged not to do?

Questions 16 - 20 refer to the following notice.
Welcome to the Hampton University Online question and feedback page. We will try to respond to all inquiries within two business days.

*If you have a question that requires immediate attention, please call our main office at 773-442-9011.

To send feedback or ask a question about Hampton University Online, please complete the form below:

Your e-mail address:

Your feedback or question topic: Business services

Your Comments: I'm the manager of a public relations company in Hampton, and I think it would be beneficial for my staff members to take some of the continuing education courses offered through your online university next month. Do you offer any tuition reimbursements or discounts to businesses?

Thank you,

Stewart Anderson

16. For whom is Mr. Anderson's question intended?

17. What is true about Mr. Anderson's question?

18. The word “view” in paragraph 1, line 1 of the e-mail, is closest in meaning to

19. When will Mr. Anderson most likely receive a response?

20. According to the e-mail, what should Mr. Anderson do?