Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Tăng cường luyện thi - Bài số 7

Questions 1-2

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1. What special service does Anytime Office Supplies offer?

2. According to the advertisement, where can Anytime Office Supplies’ products be purchased?

Questions 3 - 4

Stopped Cold Above Mars

The recent solar activity has claimed a far-off victim: a radiation meter aboard the Mars Argo spacecraft.

The instrument stopped working in late October, government officials said last week, after being bombarded by radiation from a particularly intense solar storm.

The meter, which had worked well in the two years that Argo has been orbiting Mars, was used in part to determine the potential radiation risk to future human explorers. Mission engineers have tried to get the meter working again but have not succeeded. They say they will keep trying in the coming weeks.



3. What does the report say was damaged on the Mars Argo spacecraft?

4. Which of the following is true about the Mars Argo spacecraft?

5. Which of the following is true about the Mars Argo spacecraft?

Questions 5 - 7

To: All Staff

From: Kathy White

Date: July 25, 20—

Re: Back-up for Power Outages/Major Systems Failure

In the wake of last week’s major blackout, many people have been asking about our campus’s electrical backup systems. In the event of disruption of normal AC power at any node, Telephone Services maintains back-up batteries that can power the system. We also maintain a set of back-up telephone lines and a complement of spare equipment. The Veterinary School is equipped with back-up generators. If the power goes out, the generators will cycle on and restore power to the system. During normal office hours, University Maintenance will respond directly to a power failure. After hours, the school will contact the local electrical company.


6. According to the memorandum, when did the most recent power failure occur?

7. Which part of the campus has back-up generators?

8. Who will handle power failures at the university after normal working hours?

Questions 8 - 10
Pollock’s buys condiment brands
from French firm

H.J. Pollock’s Co., the United States’ largest ketchup maker, has agreed to buy the U&P Foods and Perkins sauce divisions from France’s Groupe Dumar for $852 million.

The brands, which are marketed primarily in Britain, the United States, and Canada, accounted for close to $292 million in revenue last year, Dumar said.

Dumar said it will also grant Cleveland, Ohio-based Pollock’s a license to manufacture its O’Shea brand of sauces in Europe as part of the deal.

The sale adds condiments including Perkins Worcestershire sauce, U&P Sauce, O’Shea soy sauce and Ranee spices to Pollock’s famous original ketchup. Besides controlling 60 percent of the U.S. ketchup market, Pollock’s makes brands including Rui frozen potatoes and Slimdown diet foods.



9. What did Pollock’s Co. purchase?

10. What is learned about H.J. Pollock’s Co.?

11. Which of the following products is Pollock’s NOT planning to sell?

Questions 11 - 13

Mouth Guard for Migraine Relief

Dr. James Beard, a dentist and migraine sufferer, has come up with a mouth guard designed to alleviate painful headaches. James calls the device the NTI (for nociceptive trigeminal inhibition) System. It is small, covering just the two front teeth, and designed to keep the jaw from clenching while the wearer sleeps. In clinical trials, more than 80 percent of patients felt some relief after using the NTI for two months. It costs around $500 and is available on rescription from a dentist.



12. What is the NTI designed to do?

13. How is the NTI designed to be worn?

14. Which claim is made about the NTI?

Questions 14 - 16

Marketing Communications

5801 South Ellis Ave., Suite 2010

Chicago, IL 60637


September 2, 20—

Mr. Leo Payne, Chief Executive Officer

Main Deal Realty

6525 N. Sheridan Rd.

Chicago, IL 60626


Dear Mr. Payne,


During the four years Marketing Communications served as Great Scott's public relations agency, that organization received 500 percent more positive press than it ever had in its history.

We would like the opportunity to make a presentation to you to serve as Main Deal's public relations agency to handle your entire marketing, public relations, and advertising programs. We feel sure we can offer you the same kind of representation that helped Great Scott become a leader in your industry. We have specialized in the real-estate industry in Chicago for more than seventeen years.

I suggest we meet at your office next Wednesday at 2:00 P.M. Our presentation will take forty minutes. During our years as Great Scott's public relations agency, we worked with Dusty Parker, Shannon Monroe, and Elisa Banks of your company. I'm sure they can give you additional information on our qualifications, and you may want them to attend our presentation.

I will call your office to confirm a meeting time. We look forward to meeting with you.


Marcus Silver.


15. What does Marcus Silver want Leo Payne to do?

16. Which of the following is a claim Marcus Silver makes about Marketing Communications?

17. What does Marcus Silver hope Dusty Parker, Shannon Monroe, and Elisa Banks will do?

Questions 17 - 20
Review: History of Costume

The “History of Costume”or “Zur Geschichte der Kostume”was printed from 1861 to 1880 in Munich by the publishing firm of Braun and Schneider. It was originally published as individual plates in a German magazine titled “Munchener Bilderbogen.” Later, these plates were collected and bound into book form. The total publication consisted of 125 pages, with four color illustrations per page, for a total of 500 costume designs. These plates show historical dress from antiquity to the end of the 19th century.

This book is an excellent source for students who are studying the history of fashion, and for costume designers. One must be aware though, that these illustrations have a Victorian perspective to their designs. The last 35 pages show contemporary folk dress (c.1880) from most European, Asian, and African countries. These provide a source for researching plays that take place during the Victorian period, such as “The King and I” or “The Sea Gull.” The original book was published in German, so at times, the English translation is confusing. This is especially noticeable in the contemporary folk dress plates where many of the countries mentioned now have different names or no longer exist.

If you wish to obtain additional information on the original book, Denver Publications has an excellent reproduction of the printing entitled “Historic Costume in Pictures” by Braun and Schneider.

18. According to the review, how was the “History of Costume” first published?

19. Which of the following is said to be included in the book?

20. What does the review state is a problem with the book?

21. According to the reviewer, who might find the book useful?

Questions 21 -24
Gredler Energy Opens Hydrogen Energy Station In Sweden

Ostrum GE, the second largest power company in the Nordic countries, officially opened its first Hydrogen Energy Station (HES), with technology products provided by Gredler Energy Systems Corporation. The new station will supply clean hydrogen fuel to three fuel cell buses as part of the pres-tigious Green Europe Advanced Transport (GREAT) program. Stockholm is one of four GREAT cities that will be using Gredler Energy hydrogen infrastructure products.
Mr. Peter Russell, Chief Operating Officer of Gredler Energy, was in Stockholm for the station opening and commented, “The opening of this station represents the first step in the introduction of a hydrogen infrastructure in the City of Stockholm. Ostrum and the City of Stockholm have taken an essential step towards creating a pathway to environmentally sustainable urban transportation solutions and we are delighted to be part of this important movement.”

The Stockholm HES is comprised of four modules: pressurized water electrolysis-based hydrogen generation, compression, high-pressure storage and hydrogen fuel dispenser. The station is capable of producing approximately 120kg per day of high-purity, high-pressure hydrogen using Gredler Energy’s proprietary technology. Each fuel cell bus carries approximately 40kg of hydrogen at 350bar (5,000psi).

Gredler Energy Systems Corporation is the world leading developer and supplier of integrated hydrogen solutions, all using the company’s proprietary hydrogen generation water electrolysis technology along with products from corporate partners.
22. Who will be in charge of the new hydrogen energy station?

23. How much hydrogen will the new station produce each day?

24. The word “sustainable”in paragraph 2, line 4 is closest in meaning to

25. What is true about the GREAT program?

Questions 25 - 29

Equipment Instructions

Please read and understand these instructions prior to operating this unit.

Turn off the valve at the air mixer.

Connect the regulator to the cylinder and tighten.

Open the cylinder and check all fittings for leaks.

Adjust the regulator to desired pressure. The regulator offers low to high pressure. Turning the handle clockwise (located on the top of the regulator) will increase the pressure. The burner is also adjustable by turning the valve to increase or decrease the amount of flame.

NEVER allow a vessel to go empty, as you could cause damage due to the intense heat the burner creates. NOTE: Always turn off the service valve at the cylinder when not in use.


This is an outdoor cooker only. Never use this propane unit indoors and do not store the cylinder indoors. If you encounter problems with this unit or require additional information, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 952-808-3232 or write us at 2800 Southcross Drive West, Burnsville, Minnesota 55306.
James E. Bay
110 N. Main Ave.
Odessa, MN 56276-3014
October 10, 20—

Wellcraft Tools & Equipment
Customer Service Department
2800 Southcross Drive West
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306
To whom it may concern,

I recently purchased a new Wellcraft 950 Outdoor Propane Burner. I have operated it twice, carefully following your instructions, and have noticed a problem with the pressure adjustment controls. I have tried varying the pressure by adjusting both the regulator handle and the valve, as per the instructions contained in the box. The problem I have found is that the regulator handle seems to get stuck at a certain point when attempting to lower the pressure, and then suddenly shuts off the flame. This has happened several times.

The handle difficulties indicate to me that I purchased a defective unit. Since this burner is under warranty, I am returning it with the express hope that you will be able to exchange it for a functional burner. I have purchased Wellcraft products in the past, and have been satisfied with their overall quality. I trust that the 950 Outdoor Burner will meet all my needs, once I have a fully functioning model.

Thank you for your consideration.
Best regards,

James E. Bay
26. What warning does Wellcraft make about its burner?

27. How can the burner pressure be adjusted?

28. Which problem does James E. Bay report with his burner?

29. What does James E. Bay want Wellcraft to do?

30. What does James E. Bay state regarding Wellcraft?