Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Tăng cường luyện thi - Bài số 5


To:    Juan Gomez

From:          Maria Johnson, Building Engineer

Date: 17 Jan. 2012

Re:    Thermostat located in your office

It has come to our attention that the thermostat located in your office is frequently being turned off. Please be aware that although this thermostat is located in your office, it actually controls the temperature on the entire second floor. When it is turned off, it affects not only your office, but all the surrounding offices as well. We ask that you not touch the thermostat. The other second-floor tenants are complaining about the lack of heat in their offices.

If you wish to adjust the temperature in your office at any time, please speak with me or with one of my assistants. We would be happy to help you create an environment that is comfortable for you and your office staff, but please remember that we need to consider the comfort of everyone in the building. Thank you for your cooperation.

1. What is the problem?

2. When should the thermostat be turned off?

3. The word "adjust" in paragraph 2, line 1 is closest in meaning to

4. What should Mr. Gomez do?

White Shoe Kleen-Kit

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If you own a pair of white shoes, or plan to enjoy that extra sparkle that they can add to your wardrobe, this kit is a must. It solves the problem you have always had ... of keeping white shoes white. And, at a price you can afford.

Kleen-Kit sells for only $7 each, or $5 with each shoe order. Kleen-Kit is available at most shoe retail outlets and anywhere shoe-care products are sold.

Not convinced? Ask your local shoe dealer for a free trial sample or request one from our website. Your shoes will be sparkling white in no time!

5. What is this advertisement promoting?

6. How long does it take to use the kit?

7. What problem does the product solve?

From: Ms, J. Gibbons

To: All employees

Date: July 17, 2012

Subject: Required hours

 All employees are reminded that the Smithson Company observes a 35-hour workweek, normally from 9:00 A.M. to 5:00 P.M., Monday through Friday, with a one-hour lunch period. In addition, after careful consideration and planning, the Smithson Company has recently implemented a flex-time policy. This means that individual employees, with good reason, may establish different work schedules with their supervisor's approval. The employee must explain the reasons for requesting flex-time as well as demonstrate that a variation of work hours will not be detrimental in any way to the work of the other people on that employee's team. Whatever changes may be made to an individual's schedule, 35 hours per week is still expected of all full-time employees.

Flex-time does not mean that an employee can work any hours he or she chooses at any time. In order to make schedule changes under the flex-time policy, an approval form must be submitted to your supervisor two weeks in advance of the proposed schedule change date. The form must be signed and filed by your supervisor before you can start following a new schedule. Forms are available from the Human Resources Office. Employees who adjust their schedule without completing a form and getting formal supervisor approval are subject to loss of pay, even if they work a full 35 hours in a week.

8. What is the topic of the e-mail?

9. How many hours a week do the employees work?

10. Who must approve any change?



To: All employees

From: George Hendriks, Chief of Security

Date: May 30, 2012

Re: Office Visitors

Employees are reminded that a number of our contracts with clients are of a confidential nature. In order to ensure the maintenance of this confidentiality, visitors will not be allowed within the office area unless they are accompanied by a member of the staff.

Please let your visitors know that they will be asked to sign in at the reception desk when they enter the building. The receptionist will call your office to admit them and give them a visitor's pass. You must come to the reception area and escort your visitors to your office. Unescorted visitors will be asked by security to leave the building.

Thank you for your cooperation with this matter.

11. Who will read this memo?

12. Why must visitors not be alone?

13. What must visitors do when they arrive?

14. How will employees know when their visitors have arrived?

15. The word "escort" in paragraph 2, line 4, is closest in meaning to

Business travelers find that some jobs take them away from home for longer than a few days at a time. Those who find themselves at a new job site for weeks or even months often find it more comfortable and economical to stay at an apartment-hotel rather than a traditional style hotel. The comfort and convenience of these short-term residences are making them more and more popular among frequent business travelers. They provide advantages that more luxurious traditional hotels do not. Apartment-hotels offer both small and full-size apartments that are available to rent on a weekly or monthly basis. Apartments are fully furnished with everything from sofas and writing desks to dishes and silverware. They also usually include cable TV service and Internet access. Best of all, they are run like hotels, with cleaning and linen services, exercise rooms and restaurants, and a desk clerk to take messages and help tenants with questions about the city. In addition, the prices are much more reasonable than the rates normally charged at a traditional hotel. One of the reasons that many apartment-hotels are economically priced is that they are often not found in a city's downtown area. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, however. They are usually conveniently located near public transportation, so the expense of a rental car is not always necessary. In short, apartment-hotels offer a convenient alternative to the business traveler, as they are more cost-effective than traditional hotels and more comfortable than hastily furnished apartments. Many business travelers find that apartment-hotels are as comfortable as it is possible to be away from home.

16. Why are these residences called "apartment-hotels" ?

17. Who would be likely to use an apartment-hotel?

18. What is NOT mentioned as an advantage of apartment-hotels?

19. How do apartment-hotels compare with standard hotels?


Surveys have found that wages and benefits are not always the major determining factor for employees who are looking to move between jobs. David Bikowski is a case in point. Last year he was laid off from his production job at a factory where he had worked for close to eight years. After several months of searching for a new job, he found employment at another factory in a nearby town. Although he would earn $100 a week less in the new position than he did at his old one, he took the job. He has a family to support and couldn't afford to stay out of work much longer. Just a few months after starting at his new position, he received an offer to return to his old job at his old salary. Bikowski decided to turn the offer down. Why? Because, he says, he finds that his new workplace is much less stressful than the old one. "We've been able to get by on what I've been earning at Strathmore (his new employer), and I know I'll be getting the usual raises as time goes on," he explains. "And it's better for my family in ways that money can't pay for, I'm more relaxed when I get home, I have better quality time with my kids. That's worth more than money to me." Bikowski represents a growing sentiment among the country's workforce. More and more workers are looking for less stressful lives, sociologists say. Work conditions are often given equal weight with wages and benefits when job decisions are made.


20. Why did David Bikowski leave his job?

21. How docs Mr. Bikowski's present salary compare to his salary at his previous job?

22. According to the article, why did Mr. Bikowski stay at his new job?



121 Market St., New York, NY 10012

J. P. Thompson, Esq. 14,

Rue du Mont Blanc

1201 Geneva, Switzerland

Dear Mr. Thompson:

I have enclosed a copy of the evaluation that I was hired to prepare for the project 'Improving Employee Performance." You will see that the evaluation is divided into three sections, as we agreed upon in our discussion: Employee Relations, Physical Environment, and Training Opportunities. The appendices include all forms and outlines of other methods used to gather information for the evaluation. I have attempted to present everything in as clear a manner as possible. If, however, you have any questions or desire any additional information, please don't hesitate to contact me.

I have enjoyed working with your law firm on this project and look forward to working with you again in the future.


Amanda Guess


23. What is the main purpose of the letter?

24. Which of the following would Mr. Thompson like to improve?

25. According to the letter, which of the following is NOT true?

26. What is Mr. Thompson's profession?


A mufti-function watch displaying local time simultaneously in all twenty-four world time zones.

Self-winding, water-resistant, in a combination of stainless steel and 18 kt. gold.

Five-year international limited -warranty. Intelligently priced.

Also available in all 18 kt. gold or all stainless steel.

A tradition of excellence in watches, fine jewelry, and unique gift ideas since 1928.

Paris   Jewelers

137 Saint Paul Street, Newport, ME 04064

(207) 555-4600


27. How many time zones can be displayed?

28. How long is the warranty?