Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Tăng cường luyện thi - Bài số 4

1. What is this article about?

2. Where do cattle assist farmers?

3. Why was this memo written?

4. What is being asked of the authors?

5. What is a common problem with new authors' photographs?


6. Why was the joint venture formed?

7. Which country has curtailed their wood exports?

8. Who will provide the most financial backing for the venture?

9. What will happen in Mexico?

10. Why is the plant moving?


11. What is the purpose of the letter?

12. What does Winfried most likely do for a living?

13. Where might their meeting take place?

14. How could Julie Stein be of assistance?


15. What is the topic of the report?

16. Why has the company decided to use suggestion boxes?

17. How do the employees get the suggestion slips?

18. What is the plant manager supposed to do?

19. What, specifically, should employees include in their suggestions?

20. What is happening at the water treatment facility?

21. What changes will customers notice in this two-week period?

22. How is the Yshu Water Department helping?

23. Who may participate in the run?

24. How are funds raised for the run?

25. How much would an eleven-year-old have to pay to register on the day of the race?

26. What do participants receive when they register?

27. What happens if you want to cancel the subscription?

28. Who is this ad intended for?

29. How do you get the 1,000 Air Miles?

30. How many nights will the person spend in Hawaii?

31. Where does the trip originate?

32. What is known about the traveler?

33. Why has John Rankine sent a memo to Shirley Griffin?

34. What is known about the employees at Metro Food?

35. What does John Rankine think the problem might be?

36. What is Shirley's concern?

37. What is the article mainly about?

38. Who may have been the very first to reach Antarctica?

39. How was von Bellingshausen's expedition distinguished?

40. What is known about Antarctica?