Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Tăng cường luyện thi - Bài số 2

In this part you will read a selection of texts, such as magazine and newspaper articles, letters, and advertisements. Each text is followed by several questions. Select the best answer for each question and mark the letter (A), (B), (C), or (D) on your answer sheet.

SINGAPORE AIRLINES is extending its "Free Dinner for Two" (FDT) campaign due to popular demand. The campaign, which will now run until June 30, is open to all holders of economy and first class round trip tickets for flights from North or South America to Kuala Lumpur or beyond.

Participating restaurants in Kuala Lumpur include: Asian Delights, The Silver Terrace, Little Flower, and many more. A complete listing is available through your ticket agency.


1. What is Singapore Airlines offering?

2. How can one participate?




To:       John Stevens, Factory Operations

From:   Hans Pomanz

Date:   August 5

Subject: Inspection of Technical Area

For:      [X] Decision                [  ] Action                    [  ] Information


On the basis of a report that one of the aisles was blocked and therefore presented a safety hazard, I did an inspection in the technical area. The reported blockage was not located.

Outside the cutting room, though, several pallets of lumber have been stored in the aisle. Although this is not a serious issue (but definitely an annoyance), it could easily be resolved by allocating about 150 square feet of storage to the technical department.

I have already talked with Jeremy, the storage manager, and he assured me the space could be arranged.



3. Why was an inspection done?

4. What is Hans suggesting?

A subsidiary of the Russian PB Group, PB Cable and Machinery, Ltd., has completed construction of a power-cable plant in Istanbul. The $27 million plant is 47% owned by local partner Buyuk Power and Water Machine Co., 48% owned by PB Cable and Chorny Electrical, and 5% by PB Group. The plant has an annual production capacity of 5.500 tons of cable. It will produce power cables with a capacity from 220 volts to 40KV. PB Group officials say they expect domestic cable sales to reach $25 million by 1999.

5. What is being produced?

6. Who is the biggest investor?

7. What is the purpose of the news item?




To begin with, you could wade through piles of financial publications from all over the world. Then, you could develop a software system that tracks the performance of the companies you selected. And to further tighten things down, you could hire a team of researchers who could study the data and then identify the ones showing strong, sustainable growth. Finally, you could invest a little more time visiting each of the best-looking companies. On the other hand, you could just call Worldwide Watchers. We save you time and money. Our records prove our merit. In the rocky waters of international investing, we maximize your profits while minimizing risk from currency fluctuations.

8. What is the purpose of the ad?

9. Who is this promotion targeted at?

10. What risk is involved?

January 13, 2010

Dr. Raul Garcia

3062 Wilshire Blvd

Los Angeles, CA 90037


Dear Dr. Garcia,

I am writing to you about the bill I received from your office.

First, I would like to tell you that the results of the surgery have been very positive. I am very pleased with the results, particularly my arm's increased range of motion.

Regarding my bill, you will recall that when we scheduled the operation, my insurance company assured me that the entire procedure, to include any follow-up care, would be 100% covered by my plan. To my dismay, I have since been informed that the insurance will only cover 70% of the cost, leaving me with an unpaid charge of $950.

Although I am recovering most satisfactorily, I will not be working again until next Monday.

Additionally, our finances are at an all-time low from the holidays. I would like to suggest a monthly installment plan of one hundred dollars starting February 1. I will mail you fifty dollars for this month. I hope this plan will meet with your satisfaction. If not, please let we know what would.



Juan Veron

11. What is Juan's main purpose in writing?

12. Why is payment for the surgery changing?

13. What did Juan experience after surgery?

14. When will Dr. Garcia start to receive money from Juan?

Here are some statistics that may heighten your interest in the Pacific Basin. Half of the world's wealth and over half of its population live in the 34 countries and 23 island states that embrace the Basin, which itself consists of 70 million square miles. Ninety-five percent of the world's natural silk can be found there as well as 88 percent of its natural rubber, 22 percent of its oil resources, and 64 percent of its cotton. Well over a thousand languages are spoken in the area, and it is the source of some of the richest religious and cultural traditions in the world.

The most rapidly expanding economy in the region in Taiwan, with South Korea expected to be amongst the richest countries in the world in the twenty-first century. Not enough can be said about the market potential of China. As these countries continue to develop, their manufacturing capabilities will become increasingly complex and their market for advanced technology will expand. The telecommunications industry, for instance, will soon take off.

It is the educated labor force as well as the work ethic that accounts for the growing manufacturing power of the Pacific nations. Lying on the trade routes to both East and West, this area has a unique advantage, something that few businesses can ignore.

15. Who is this report most likely intended for?

16. Only five percent of what product can be found outside the Pacific Basin?

17. How should readers of this report view the Pacific Basin?

18. Which industry is likely to excel in the Pacific Basin in the near future?

19. Why is the Pacific Basin becoming the focus of the business community?


Over the last few weeks, twenty thousand dollars' worth of audio-visual equipment has been stolen from these premises, including several computer terminals and printers from the training center. An expensive camera was also taken from the conference room. Most of the thefts have occurred during normal working hours (9 to 5).


Due to these incidents of theft, we have adopted specific increased security measures. From now on, the entire staff, including the managing director, is to wear an ID tag with a photo. Visitors will also be issued name tags with a code indicating which department they will be visiting. Visiting hours will now be from 9 to 11 in the morning and from 2 to 5 in the afternoon. The IDs must be worn and be visible at all times. To further assist the staff, video phones have been installed at each entrance.


20. What is the purpose of the announcement?

21. During what time frame were things stolen?

22. What will be required of visitors?


The European Film Festival (EFF) box office is located in the Victory Building at the Brandenburg Plaza. It is open 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm on weekdays when films are scheduled. It is open 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Saturday and Sunday. On days for which there are no scheduled screenings, the box office is not open. For a pre-recorded program, please call 365-8000; to hear 60-second reviews call 365-7786.


The EFF accepts American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Phone orders can be made by calling 211-8937 during box office hours. Members may also reserve tickets by phone five days in advance. These reservations are held until 20 minutes before Showtime. A current membership card is required for all member transactions. There is a limit of two member-price tickets per show. Parking at the Brandenburg Plaza is free from 3:00 pm to 5:00pm with theater validation.


23. Who would be interested in this notice?

24. What number gives a listing of shows?

25. What is a benefit of membership in the EFF?

26. What event would you be likely to see at the Brandenburg Plaza?



To be filled out by mailing agency:

Reg. Fee $______            Handling Charge $_______               Postage $______

Special Delivery $_______         Return Receipt $_______       Received by____


To be filled out by Customer:

Please complete your address legibly. This will be used to notify you of the receipt of your registered letter.

Customer must declare full value of all shipped goods to receive insurance on items valued over $30,000. All items under $20,000 are automatically insured and are covered by the registration fee. Rates for items over $20,000 are listed on reverse of this document. International liability is limited.



FROM: ____________________



This is an official receipt for registered mail.

Customer copy


27. What is this form used for?

28. In order for goods valued at over $20,000 to be insured, the customer must

29. How must the form be completed?


Dear Tenant,


This letter will serve as an official warning. I have reasonable cause to believe that there has been cigarette smoking in your unit. For the past week, I have cleaned up cigarette butts and ashes from below your balcony. Initially, the downstairs neighbors complained, and that is what caused me to check the area. Since this time, I have smelled smoke when walking by your front door.


As stated in your lease, this is a non-smoking building. Violation of this, or any other terms of your lease, makes the year-long agreement void. Three months ago, I had tenants living in 404B who smoked in their apartment. They chose to ignore their warning and were given thirty days' notice immediately. I want you to know that I take this seriously.

I have run Mr. Sheldon's building for over ten years. People like living here because it is clean, healthy and safe. I try to pick all renters carefully. I gope that I have done so in your case.



Lydia Thornton


30. Who is Lydia Thornton?

31. What was Lydia's first clue of smoking in the apartment?

32. What happened to the other tenants who smoked?



To: Constance Lubitsch

From: Richard Eckert

Subject: Popularity of Booklet


About 2,800 requests have come in over the last few months asking for our booklet, This Is How the Stock Exchange Works, which we issued for our twentieth anniversary. I would like your views on whether or not we should have it reprinted.

Mr. Studie has reported the following facts:


1. The cost of reprinting 6,000 copies is approximately $2,500

2. A breakdown of the requests shows that 1,521 came from college and high school students, 387 from private industries, and 911 from individuals.

3. Our previous printing of 12,000 copies was distributed among shareholders, employees, and educational leaders in the area.

4. Pages 10 and 11 should be revised to reflect the current sales figures and a more accurate understanding of the costs.


FYI: I am sending this request to all middle managers and I would greatly appreciate it if you would answer the questions I have provided below so that we can tabulate answers more easily.

1. Would a reprinting of 6,000 copies be enough?

2. What is the message of this booklet?

3. Could it be improved upon so as to get our message across more clearly?


Please respond by June 1.


33. What is the purpose of the memo?

34. Why was the booklet originally distributed?

35. Who received the last printing?

36. Who will receive this memo?


New power plant and power lines are filling up the utility vacuum in South America. An agreement, for instance, has been reached between Germany's Energie -Versorgung Schwaben (EVS) and the Nova-Lima Power Company. Under this agreement Nova Lima Power will sell EVS a 40% share of a power plant venture. Brazil's Nova Lima Lignite Company, which owns Nova Lima Power, is constructing a one billion dollar power plant in Peru that will supply electricity to Brazil.

According to an EVS representative, the company paid over $60 million for its share in the project. Three hundred million dollars in working capital is already on hand. The Export-Import Bank of Brazil, Belo Horizonte Bank, and Santo Bank PCL, are also lining up as possible shareholders. Percy Zahar, Nova Lima Power's executive director of finance, has hinted at offering them a 20% stake.

Electricity of Argentina is planning a second 500 kilovolt power line from Rio de Janeiro to Sao Paulo. The expected cost, between $130 million and $140 million, will be borne 60% by the World Bank. The line will transmit 500-700 megawatts of power per year from the Iguape Hydroelectric Power Plant. If the work proceeds as scheduled, construction will begin in February of 1998 and be completed before the opening of the Iguape plant in the year 2000.


37. What is the main point of this article?

38. How much money is currently available for the Nova Lima Lignite project?

39. What percentage of Nova Lima Power is currently under consideration for sale?

40. Where will the Argentinean 500 kilovolt power line draw its power from?