Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Part 7 - Luyện tập chiến lược - Bài 1


Liberty Legal Services 302 Pine Street, Suite 2300

Los Angeles, CA 80214

Dear Colleagues,

I am writing to introduce the newest member on our staff. Andrea Langley comes to us straight out of Hanfard Law School, where she graduated at the top of her class. As is typical of our new lawyers, she will spend her first six months here working with various people in the office.

This month Andrea will be working with Karen Jackson in our real estate division. Next month she will work with Larry Dean in licensing. That is as far as we have her schedule planned. If any of you have some time to spend with Andrea and have some interesting projects coming up, please let me know and we may be able to arrange for her to work with you. Please keep in mind
that we do not want an intelligent and eager young lawyer like Andrea doing busy work. Her mind is much more useful to us than that.

Please take a moment to stop by Andrea’s desk and introduce yourselves. And congratulate her for passing her exam.


Scott Hartman

Senior Partner.

To: Scott Hartman

From: Nancy Strong

Date: July 1, 2005 10:45:19 a.m.

Subject: Andrea Langley


I got your memo about Andrea Langley. I’m starting to work on an interesting and difficult case that I think would be a good learning experience for her; I could use the help while she’s making her rounds.

The case I want her for is a mergers and acquisitions case. It’s for a merger between two high-powered technology companies. Due to their backgrounds, it will require a fair amount of paperwork. There will also be a lot of research required, and I think it would give her a real taste of what most work in mergers and acquisitions is like.

If it’s okay with you, would you please run it by Andrea? We’d really love her down in this office for a few weeks.


Nancy Strong.

1. What is learned about Andrea Langley?

2. What will Andrea Langley do during her first six months at Liberty?

3. What does Scott Hartman NOT ask people to do?

4. In which area of law does Nancy Strong work?

5. What does Nancy Strong say about the case she is working on?

Tuesday September 5, 2011

8:00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 Meeting, Kevin Larson ---discuss budget for next year

10:00 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

11:00 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:00 Meeting, Kalfax Printers 233 E. 14th Street

1:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 Hair Trends, cash only

4:00 Jessica Masson, office ---annual review

5:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

To: Cathy Reid

From: Amy Schneider

Date: September 5, 2011

Subject: Lunch

Dear Cathy,

I am SO sorry, but I have to cancel lunch today. You know I’ve been complaining about the printing company we use at work for several months now. We’re finally trying to get a new printing company, and I have a meeting with them today at noon. We’re hoping to have them start by the end of the month. We have a few big jobs coming up and we’d like to try our new printer out on some smaller jobs first. So this meeting today is very important and will probably take 2 hours. I tried for something later, but noon was the only time I could coordinate with them.

I’m going to get my hair cut at 3:00. If you’d like to meet me at Hair Trends on 4th Ave., we can catch up for a little while, but I need to be back in the office by 4:00.

No need to call, if you decide to meet me at the hair salon, just show up. Otherwise I’ll call you later to reschedule lunch for next week. My treat.


6. At what time is Amy Schneider planning to work on a budget for the following year?

7. What has Amy Schneider scheduled for 4:00 p.m.?

8. Why does Amy Schneider apologize to her friend?

9. What does Amy Schneider suggest that her friend do?

10. How long does Amy Schneider expect her meeting with the printer to take?

Roger Lee, Ph.D.

Head, Search Committee

Department of Finance

Tealand School of Business

Lindberg University

Lacy, NM 82144

January 23, 2006

Dear Dr. Lee,

I recently learned that you have an opening for a professor in your department. I am quite interested in moving to Lacy, NM. My background is in accounting and I am currently a tenured professor at the Harper School of Business.

I have excellent publishing and teaching records, and have served on several administrative committees. I have attached my CV for you to look at. If you need more information, or if it looks like I may be a good fit for your department, please contact me.

Thank you for your consideration,

William Chang

Department of Finance

Harper School of Business

School of Business

Ridgeland University

Ridgeland, TN 22106

(403) 538-3194


William Chang

102 Percy Lane, Ridgeland, TN 22114

(403) 223-1016

Department of Finance

Harper School of Business

School of Business, Ridgeland University

Ridgeland, TN 22106 (403) 538-3194



1994-1997 The Haverford School of Business

Ph.D. Accounting

1985-1987 Institute of Management, Glasgow, Scotland

Master of Business Administration


2003-present Harper School of Business, Ridgeland University

Associate Professor of Accounting

2001-2003 Assistant Professor of Accounting

1997-2001 Keller School of Business, Garfield University

Assistant Professor of Marketing

1987-1994 Hapland Worldwide

(Hapland Worldwide is an advertising agency.)

Position Held: Senior Accountant


2004 2004 Teaching Award

Award given to outstanding teachers of the core accounting classes

2002 Trent Bayland Award

Award given in recognition of the best accounting paper derived from a Ph.D. thesis.

11. Where does William Chang currently work?

12. When did William Chang work at Hapland Worldwide?

13. In which area did William Chang receive his Ph.D.?

14. At which school did William Chang get his Ph.D.?

15. What did William Chang do in 2004?


Equipment Instructions

Please read and understand these instructions prior to operating this unit.

Turn off the valve at the air mixer.

Connect the regulator to the cylinder and tighten.

Open the cylinder and check all fittings for leaks.

Adjust the regulator to desired pressure. The regulator offers low to high pressure. Turning the handle clockwise (located on the top of the regulator) will increase the pressure. The burner is also adjustable by turning the valve to increase or decrease the amount of flame.

NEVER allow a vessel to go empty, as you could cause damage due to the intense heat the burner creates. NOTE: Always turn off the service valve at the cylinder when not in use.


This is an outdoor cooker only. Never use this propane unit indoors and do not store the cylinder indoors. If you encounter problems with this unit or require additional information, please feel free to contact our customer service department at 952-808-3232 or write us at 2800 Southcross Drive West,
Burnsville, Minnesota 55306.

James E. Bay

110 N. Main Ave.

Odessa, MN 56276-3014

October 10, 2011

Wellcraft Tools & Equipment

Customer Service Department

2800 Southcross Drive West

Burnsville, Minnesota 55306

To whom it may concern,

I recently purchased a new Wellcraft 950 Outdoor Propane Burner. I have operated it twice, carefully following your instructions, and have noticed a problem with the pressure adjustment controls. I have tried varying the pressure by adjusting both the regulator handle and the valve, as per the instructions contained in the box. The problem I have found is that the regulator handle seems to get stuck at a certain point when attempting to lower the pressure, and then suddenly shuts off the flame. This has happened several times.

The handle difficulties indicate to me that I purchased a defective unit. Since this burner is under warranty, I am returning it with the express hope that you will be able to exchange it for a functional burner. I have purchased Wellcraft products in the past, and have been satisfied with their overall quality. I trust that the 950 Outdoor Burner will meet all my needs, once I have a fully functioning model.

Thank you for your consideration.

Best regards,

James E. Bay

16. What warning does Wellcraft make about its burner?

17. How can the burner pressure be adjusted?

18. Which problem does James E. Bay report with his burner?

19. What does James E. Bay want Wellcraft to do?

20. What does James E. Bay state regarding Wellcraft?

From :

Date : Thu Jul 26, 2011  01:44:43 PM US/Pacific

To :

Subject : Request to attend conference

Dear Marsha,

I am writing to request permission to attend the three-day “Internet Marketing Conference” in San Francisco, September 13-15. Attached is a brochure describing the seminar. The cost of attending is approximately $1,200, plus transportation (I’m willing to drive), hotel, and meals.

I have spoken with Fred Black, Creative Director of DiPerno and Jones Advertising, who went to last year’s conference in Mexico, and he recommends it highly. As the Marketing Manager for Klein Graphics, I think it would benefit the company tremendously to have me learn the latest trends in this important field.

Please let me know if you would like more information from me about the conference or how I would expect the training to benefit my job at Klein Graphics.

Thank you in advance,

Tara Branson


IMC San Francisco 2011

- The 9th Internet Marketing Conference

- Date: 13-15 September

- Location: San Francisco Conference Center

255 South Airport Boulevard

South San Francisco, CA 94080

The best Internet Marketing Conference comes to San Francisco. Learn Internet marketing, meet industry professionals and get in-depth overviews of everything you need to know about the fast-paced, web-based world.

Three days of Internet marketing immersion Tuesday, September 13th - “Business Day”- a great business concept is the key to Internet marketing success. Get business-savvy.

Wednesday, September 14th - “Technology Day”- technologies and new developments that your Internet business needs to know now.

Thursday, September 15th - “People Day”- People are the key to organizational success. Develop the means to focus on your most important assets, your staff and customers.

After three days at the IMC 2011 conference, you will gain a head start on the competition with the best people skills, superior marketing techniques and a great business concept.

Expert advice. Expert results.

IMC 2011 welcomes experts from across the Internet marketing industry. More than 30 topics will be discussed from search engines, domain names and analytics to blogs, pay-per-click and rich media. Everything you ever wanted to know about Internet marketing and more.

The registration fee for IMC 2011 is $1,190 for the full three-day conference. If you are looking for guaranteed Return On Investment, IMC 2011 is the ultimate investment. Discover the potential of Internet Marketing.

21. What is Tara Branson’s job?

22. What is learned about the Internet Marketing Conference?

23. What is expected to be the focus on the second day of the Internet Marketing Conference?

24. What does Tara Branson claim to have done?

25. What does Tara Branson offer to do?