Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

NEW TOEIC TEST - Practice Part VII – 7

Questions 1-2 refer to the following information.

Welcome to QuickRenew Online License Renewal!

Thank you for using New York’s new QuickRenew online system to apply for your driver’s license. Please note that our policy has changed as of June 2005. It is now our policy not to renew driver’s licenses that have outstanding tickets or violations of any kind.

You may use this system to renew your license only if you meet ALL the following criteria:

* You currently have a driver’s license and obtained it within the past three years

* Your license was lost or destroyed AND your name, date of birth, and gender were correct on your lost or destroyed license

* Your address has not changed

* Your license is not suspended, has not expired, and is not invalid for any reason

If you do not meet ALL the criteria above, you must visit one of our offices in person to renew or replace your driver’s license.

1. When did the company change its policies?

2. According to the passage, which of the following is NOT a condition required to use the online system?

Questions 3-5 refer to the following information.

Plaster Mold Casting

Plaster mold casting is used to make limited production parts.

The part to be cast is placed into plaster, which hardens around the part forming a mold. The mold is carefully cut in half and the part inside removed. The two halves of the plaster mold are then reassembled to create a whole piece. Molten metal is poured into the mold. After the metal cools down, the plaster mold is broken and the metal piece is removed, cleaned, and polished.

Cast parts using this technique range in weight from 30g to 7kg. Section thicknesses can be as small as 0.6mm. Copper and magnesium are commonly cast using this process.

3. According to the passage, what kind of parts is the plaster mold casting process used to make?

4. What is the lower end of the weight range for parts made using the plaster mold casting technique?

5. Which of the following metals is mentioned as being used in plaster mold casting?

Questions 6-8 refer to the following information.

World of Travel Magazine

1205 Madison Avenue

New York, NY

Dear Lisa Heller,

Thank you for your comments on Margaret Dawson’s latest article, “A Walk Through the Eastern Gardens.” A copy of your letter has been forwarded to the author for her response. I am sure you will be hearing from her in the near future.

I am pleased that you found our article informative and interesting, and hope that you will continue to read our publication. Should you have any comments or questions in the future, please do not hesitate to write to this office.

Adventure Safely!

Mark Greenbaum

Editor in Chief,

World of Travel Magazine.

6. In what kind of magazine did Margaret Dawson’s article appear?

7. What does Mark Greenbaum say happened to the letter Lisa Heller sent?

8. What does Mark Greenbaum invite Lisa Heller to do?

Questions 9 -11 refer to the following statement.

Investment Pays Off

Last January, Samantha Richards Couture, an $800 million dollar woman’s fashion designer and merchandiser, spent $400 million on a buyout of Sager Brand Stores, a chain that specializes in selling low-priced clothing in small towns throughout rural North America. The investment took less than a year to pay off. Yesterday, Samantha Richards announced it had nearly doubled its third-quarter profits, over the previous year. The stock market responded by pushing Samantha Richards share prices to their highest in the company’s history.

9. What is learned about Samantha Richards Couture?

10. What did Samantha Richards Couture do the previous year?

11. What is learned about Sager Brand Stores?

Questions 12-14 refer to the following statement.

The Eiffel Tower

The Eiffel Tower is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the world. Made entirely of iron latticework, it stands 986 feet tall, not including the 79-foot antenna on top, and weighs in at an impressive 10,100 tons.

For 40 years the Tower held the honor of being the world’s tallest building. These days it is far from the tallest, but it is still visited by more than 6 million people each year.

The Tower is open to visitors Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 9 p.m

12. Which of the following is NOT described about the Eiffel Tower in the brochure?

13. On which day is the Eiffel Tower closed to visitors?

14. For how long was the Eiffel Tower the world’s tallest structure?

Questions 15-18 refer to the following letter.

Alice Kwak

2551 Lancey Street

Toronto, Ontario M2O 2R5

P. (566) 734-4470


Ms. Rory Saunders

Human Resources Manager

Trinity Client Publications

881 Second Avenue

Toronto, Ontario M20 3K2

Dear Ms. Saunders:

I am writing in regard to the Administrative Assistant position that is available at Trinity Client Publications.

I have just completed the Office Administration program at Frayer College and am excited to try my skills in the real world. I am literate in basic computer programs, and have writing, editing, and critical thinking skills. I work well with tight deadlines, and am a highly-motivated self-starter.

At past jobs I have edited letters, memos, and proposals, and corresponded with clients and donors. I am efficient and accurate in all my work. Please consult the enclosed resume for additional information about my work experience.

Thank you for taking the time to consider my application. If you have any questions you can reach me at (566) 734-4470 or at


Alice Kwak


15. In which of the following areas does Alice Kwak claim to have experience?

16. Which of the following has been included with Alice Kwak’s letter?

17. Who is Rory Saunders?

18. What does Alice Kwak describe herself as being?

Questions 19- 23 refer to the following letter.
19. What is learned about Andrea Langley?

20. What will Andrea Langley do during her first six months at Liberty?

21. What does Scott Hartman NOT ask people to do?

22. What does Nancy Strong say about the case she is working on?

Questions 24-28 refer to the following information and letter.

Tuesday September 5, 2005

8:00 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

9:00 Meeting, Kevin Larson ---discuss budget for next year

10:00 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

11:00 -----------------------------------------------------------------------------

12:00 Meeting, Kalfax Printers 233 E. 14th Street

1:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

2:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------

3:00 Hair Trends, cash only

4:00 Jessica Masson, office ---annual review

5:00 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------


To: Cathy Reid

From: Amy Schneider

Date: September 5, 2005

Subject: Lunch

Dear Cathy,

I am SO sorry, but I have to cancel lunch today. You know I’ve been complaining about the printing company we use at work for several months now. We’re finally trying to get a new printing company, and I have a meeting with them today at noon. We’re hoping to have them start by the end of the month. We have a few big jobs coming up and we’d like to try our new printer out on some smaller jobs first. So this meeting today is very important and will probably take 2 hours. I tried for something later, but noon was the only time I could coordinate with them.

I’m going to get my hair cut at 3:00. If you’d like to meet me at Hair Trends on 4th Ave., we can catch up for a little while, but I need to be back in the office by 4:00.

No need to call, if you decide to meet me at the hair salon, just show up. Otherwise I’ll call you later to reschedule lunch for next week. My treat.



23. At what time is Amy Schneider planning to work on a budget for the following year?

24. What does Amy Schneider have scheduled for 4:00 p.m.?

25. Why does Amy Schneider apologize to her friend?

26. What does Amy Schneider suggest that her friend do?

27. How long does Amy Schneider expect her meeting with the printer to take?

Questions 29-33 refer to the following letter.

Roger Lee, Ph.D.

Head, Search Committee

Department of Finance

Tealand School of Business

Lindberg University

Lacy, NM 82144

January 23, 2006

Dear Dr. Lee,

I recently learned that you have an opening for a professor in your department. I am quite interested in moving to Lacy, NM. My background is in accounting and I am currently a tenured professor at the Harper School of Business.

I have excellent publishing and teaching records, and have served on several administrative committees. I have attached my CV for you to look at. If you need more information, or if it looks like I may be a good fit for your department, please contact me.

Thank you for your consideration,

William Chang

Department of Finance

Harper School of Business

School of Business

Ridgeland University

Ridgeland, TN 22106

(403) 538-3194


William Chang

102 Percy Lane

Ridgeland, TN 22114

(403) 223-1016

Department of Finance

Harper School of Business

School of Business

Ridgeland University

Ridgeland, TN 22106

(403) 538-3194



1994-1997 The Haverford School of Business

Ph.D. Accounting

1985-1987 Institute of Management, Glasgow, Scotland

Master of Business Administration


2003-present Harper School of Business, Ridgeland University

Associate Professor of Accounting

2001-2003 Assistant Professor of Accounting

1997-2001 Keller School of Business, Garfield University

Assistant Professor of Marketing

1987-1994 Hapland Worldwide

(Hapland Worldwide is an advertising agency.)

Position Held: Senior Accountant


2004 2004 Teaching Award

Award given to outstanding teachers of the core accounting classes

2002 Trent Bayland Award

Award given in recognition of the best accounting paper derived from a Ph.D. thesis.

28. When did William Chang work at Hapland Worldwide?

29. In which area did William Chang receive his Ph.D.?

30. At which school did William Chang get his Ph.D.?

31. What did William Chang do in 2004?

Questions 34 - 38 refer to the following letter.

From: Emily Eastwood []

To: Arthur DeWitt []

Subject: Advertisement

Attachment: forkids.psd

Dear Mr. DeWitt,

Thank you for your help on Thursday. It was nice meeting you.

I'd like to submit my advertisement to run for two weeks from September 2-17. As you said, the discounted price for non-profit organizations for a quarter page, two-week ad is $353.80. Please send me an invoice so I can send you a check.

Attached is our advertisement in a Photoshop file format. Please let me know if you have any problems with the ad. I would like to update it next week as the show approaches.

I'm looking forward to seeing our ad next Friday. If you are available on Sunday, Sept. 17, I'd like to invite you to our show.

Have a great week.

Yours truly,

Emily Eastwood

Children’s Fall Fashion Show*

Sunday, September 17 at 4 p.m.

City Galleria Lobby

Proceeds will benefit the Children’s Hospital

Sponsored by For the Kids

*If your child would like to volunteer as a model, please contact Emily at 498-2983 for more information.

32. What can be NOT concluded from the e-mail?

33. How large will Ms. Eastwood’s advertisement be?

34. What will happen the following week?

35. What is being advertised?

36. Where will the money be donated?