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Session: How to manage your Stress

The Center for Mental Wellness is offering their renowned session on “How to Deal with Difficult People in the Workplace”. In the current environment  that we work in, many face undue stress over difficult relationships with co-workers, negatively affecting their productivity, performance in general, and other work relationships, and even causing interference into their personal lives.

This session will focus on the following:

–       How to work effectively with difficult people and situations

–       Conflict prevention and resolution

–       Positivity to achieve balance

A summary guide book, which can be used as a daily tool, will be distributed at the end of the session. A full list of valuable resources will also be available.

There will be two sessions only with limited attendance – Monday, May 4 and Tuesday, May 5. Please register for your session as soon as possible at the front desk to reserve your seat early.

1. What does the notice imply?

2. Which of the following will NOT be covered in the seminar?

3. What will the seminar participants receive?

How to Evacuate the Building During an Emergency

It is important to note the location of the closest emergency exits on each floor. After doing so, please review the helpful guidelines below in case of an emergency situation. The building’s built-in security response systems and personnel will be responsible for directing general emergency procedures. However, in case of earthquakes or large fires, special instructions requiring your individual efforts will be necessary. Monthly emergency drills will help prepare us in case of such an emergency.

In case of an emergency:

–       Locate the nearest exit.

–       Please refrain from using the elevators. Use the stairs.

–       In case of fire, bend down close to the floor to avoid rising smoke as you make your way to the stairs.

–       Take extra care in ensuring your safety.

–       Do not take any personal belongings. Your personal safety is your main priority.

Thank you for your cooperation in working together to assure everyone’s safety.


4. Where would this information most likely be posted?

5. Which of the following is NOT a part of the list of what to do in an emergency situation?

6. In which of the following situations, does the information say the responsibility shifts to each individual?

April 25, 2006

Scenic Arts

Mr. Wayne Thomas

12 Yorkshire Rd.


Dear Mr. Thomas,

I am the president and founder of True Reproduction, a company specializing in the reproduction of fine art prints. We reproduce a wide range of diverse art but have been concentrating of late on incredible abstract art.

One of our photography experts, who is a huge fan of your work, recently introduced me to your “Seven” collection recently published in A Magazine. She was absolutely entranced by the series, and I was in agreement.

We would love to showcase some of your work in our upcoming publication, which is due to be produced later this year. We are compiling a thematic series of approximately 6-8 artists and would like to include you as well. This book wil be a collector’s item we hope!

Please let me know if you’re interested in this idea. You would have a full section devoted to your work. We would be delighted to speak with you about all the specific details at your earliest convenience. Will be in touch at the end of  next week to follow up.

Yours sincerely,

Amanda Young

President, True Reproductions

7. Why did Ms. Young to Mr. Thomas?

8. How did Amanda first learn of Wayne’s work?

9. According to the letter, what should Wayne do if he is interested in Amada’s offer?

10. The word “range” underlined in paragraph 1 is closest in meaning to