Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện tập với các hóa đơn và email

Cascade Office Equipment

Order date: August 20, 2007

Order number: 1188

Ship to: Ms. Jane Little

Myers Lab Products

22 Wilshire Rd

New York, NY 2695

Quantity Item #/ Description Item Price Subtotal






03021/ Desk LampA311/ File Folder Kits


XE-18/ Fold-up Chairs

900-1A/ File Sleeves

A319/ Wall Unit

E220/ Black board













    Subtotal10% discount






Comments: Thank you for your order, Ms. Little. You are a valuable client to us. To thank you for your continued business, we are happy to provide you with a 10% bonus on your current order. Please contact us with any questions or if we can be of additional service (



Date: August 22, 2007

Subject: Thank you

Dear Customer Service,

Thank you for your excellent service and quality products. The 10% discount was a bonus! Your speedy delivery, which arrived this morning, has allowed us to finish our office furnishing in time for the arrival of our new executives!

We will contact you with our next order (as we’re planning to build an additional office area soon).

Best regards,


Myers Lab Products,Purchasing

1. Which information is NOT included in the invoice?

2. How much more would Ms. Little have saved if she had ordered another desk lamp?

3. Why did Ms. Little write to Cascade?

4. How long did it take to receive the items?

5. What is the main reason why Jane is planning to order from Cascade again?

  Monday, November 11   Tuesday, November 11
8:00 Breakfast meeting with new candidate for hire 8:00  
9:00   9:00 Plant tours (w/ Nick Jackson) – need to select final venue
10:00 Project Status meeting 10:00  
11:00   11:00  
12:00 Lunch meeting w/ president to review budget forecast 12:00 Lunch – Team training
1:00   1:00  
2:00 Client presentation – Key study Summary 2:00  
3:00   3:00 Directors’ Weekly Conference call (proposal package by courier)
4:00 New Business discussion w/ John Harvey 4:00  
5:00   5:00 Weekly staff meeting in conference room
6:00 Concert tickets! 6:00  




Remember that I won’t be in the office tomorrow on Friday and will be in late on Monday after my breakfast meeting, I have a busy start to the week and really need your help to make things happen.

Please have all team members update their reports for our status meeting at 10:00, and double-check to confirm that my lunch is booked with the president.

I’ve left you draft notes for my presentation at 2:00. I will need them in proper format (and 10 copies) for my meeting. There certain sections that I need you to gather more information on.

Contact Nick Jackson with the plant tour details so that he can meet me there. Let him know that we need to make a decision by the end of the week.

There’s a package that’s supposed to be here by Monday morning for my director’s call. If the package doesn’t arrive, please use this tracking number (34250) to find the location, as it’s important that I have it for my call.

Finally, please let everyone know that the staff meeting is mandatory attendance for all.

Thanks for your help. Have a great weekend.


6. What will Terry most likely be doing first Monday morning?

7. Who most likely will read the memo?

8. When will the meeting mentioned in the memo for everyone to attend take place?

9. On which day was the memo written?

10. What does the writer say he will need to have for his 3 o’clock meeting on Tuesday?