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Attention shoppers,

The manager of the Wilmot Shopping Center would like to inform you that the food court in the southeast corner of the building will be closed for renovations from July 4 through August 18. Besides replacing the old tables and chairs, new floor ties will also be added. In addition, the new food court will have two more restaurant: a sandwich deli and a Chines buffet restaurant.

We apologize for any convenience this may cause, but the new facitlity is guaranteed to make your shopping experience more enjoyable.


Jerr Dumort


Wilmot Shopping Center

1. What is the purpose of the announcement?

2. How can customers benefit from the change?

Rose wood Herald Business Section

Tampa-Lester Moog, president and founder of Moog Toothpaste Inc., is leaving the coporation after 35 years. In an interview with Jennifer Moseley of the Rosewood Herald, Moog cited health problems as the main reason for his decisioni to retire.

At the time of its creation, Moog Toothpaste had only a few customers around the city of Tampa. That situation changed, however, in less than two years as people from all over the United States started purchasing Moog products. Today, Moog has over 400 factories across the country as well as six different types of toothpaste including its very popular brand, “Moog Tartar Fighter”.

Mr. Moog will officially leave the company on July 16, and he and his wife Annette will be moving to their cottage on Lake Redford the very next day. “Anntte and I have been talking for years about growing vegestables to sell at the St. Lawrence Market held every Saturday near the lake and that is exactly what we will do,” said Moog.

Alan Keenan, Moog’s nephew and vice-president of Jasper Soaps,a subsidiary of Moog Toothpaste, will succeed Moog as president of the corporation. Mr. Keenan will start his new position on July 17.

3. What is the purpose of the news article?

4. Who is Jennifer Moseley?

5. What is true about Moog Toothpaste Inc.?

6. According to the article, what does Lester Moog plan to do in the future?

Welcome to the Lambeth Library.

We are open to all who live, work or study in Lambeth Town, free of charge, and offer users nearly a million books as well as CDs and DVDs. A Lambeth Library Membership also gives you access to a whole range of related services including the online library where you an access key services via the Internet from anywhere at any time.

– Membership Information –

  • Adults

Anyone 19 years old or above who resides in Lambeht Town can join as a full adult member. Once they have submitted a completed application form to one of our librarians along with a copy of a recent utility bill as proof of residences, a membership card will be issued and they can begin to use the library’s services immediately. Anyone living in short-term accomodation or just visiting this town can apply for either short-stay membership or a deposit membership.

  • Students

Student aged 11 to 18 must have their application form stamped by their school.

  • Children aged 10 and under

A parent or guardian must complete and sign the form for the child.

7. What is NOT true about the library?

8. What should be submitted together with the application form?

9. For whom is the deposit membership intended?

10. What should a 12-year-old by do to become a member?