Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện tập với các đoạn quảng cáo, bài báo và memo

Delbert Used Furniture Store is growing and needs more space. That’s why we are relocating on December 2 to the former Glochester Train Station on the corner of Bay Street and James Avenue. With two additional floors of your favorite sofas, arm, chairs, coffee tables and desks, we are sure to have exactly what we you need.

We’ll be saying goodbye to our current spot at 349 Dufferin Street in style with huge savings during the entire last week of November. All Lemor brand recliners have been marked down by 35%. Come in and get a lovely oak dining table and four chairs for only $120. We also provide free delivery to any location within Elmer City limits.

For more details about this sale and our soon-to-be-new location, please go to

1. What is mentioned about Delbert Used Furniture Store?

2. What is indicated in the advertisment?

European Energy

Cost of Solar Energy will Soon Be Lower than Traditional Energy

Paris – Analysts at Boisvert Energy, France’s leading energy producing corporation, claim that the cost of solar power for homes will decrease dramatically over the next five years to the point where it is actually cheaper than conventional electricity.

Founded 30 years ago, Boisvert has always prided itself on its commitment to developing affordable methods for harnessing the power of the sun. If fact, Boisvert was the first company in Europe to experiment with solar energy and to construct a solar energy research facility. Today, that facility in the town of Levis is Europe’s number one source of solar technology and information.

According to the energy giant, many factors have led to this inevitable decline in price. A recent 28% drop in the cost of silicon, a major component used in manufacturing solar panels, has allowed Boisvert to sell more solar panels at lower prices. This, combined with the fact tha gas and oil prices continue to rise, has also attracted business that are interested in installing solar panels.

“Solar panels are profitable for both business and the enviroment,” said Jacques Demers, the corporation’s newly-named vice president. “Solar panels are not only inexpensive to manufacture, they’re also thin, light and easy to transport so we don’t have to pay high shipping rate.”

While many financial experts have warned that Boisvert’s predictions may not be completely accurate, the energy giant is not only determined to increase production of solar panels, but also plans to open a factory in Montreal, Canada, sometime next spring.

3. What is mentioned about the company?

4. What is one reason for the drop in the price of solar panels?

5. The word “warned” in paragraph 5,line 1, is closest in meaning to

6. What does the company plan to do next year?


Date: June 12

To: Employees of Robinson Printing

From: Program Coordinator


I would like to remind all new employees that the training session on using the new computer design program, Max 75, will take place on Thursday, June 15, between 9:30 A.M. and noon. This session is mandatory for all newcomers and will be held in room 5111. Please be sure to take your copy of the Max 75 user’s guide that I gave you last week.

Also, Ms. Sachiko Ueno has informed me that over 20 people still have not indicated whether or not they will be attending the company’s annual barbecue on Saturday, June 24. Please keep in mind that the hamgurgers, salads and drinks for the barbeque must be ordered in advance, so Ms. Ueno needs to know how many people to expect. Please e-mail her at by tomorrow morning at the latest to let her know if you are going.

Finally, don’t forget the special ceremony on Tuesday, June 27, for Morgan Willis, who was selected by the editorsof Top Creative Magazine as the best brochure designer for June. People from Top Creative will be on hand to present Mr. Willis with his award. A memo indicating the exact time and room number will be posted on June 26.


Malcolm Evert

7. Why was the memorandum written?

8. How are staff asked to contact Ms. Ueno?

9. When is the barbeque?

10. What will take place on June 27?