Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện tập Part 7 - Bài 8

1. Which one is NOT considered as a job of Class Correspondents?

2. Who has been the Class Correspondent since the graduation of Class '04?

3. What does the letter suggest you to do?

4. In the email, which field is James majoring in?

5. In the e-mail, the word “strenuous” in passage 2, line 9 is closest in meaning to

6. Which of the following is NOT located near the hotel?

7. What doesn’t fit the description of the room?

8. Which place is NOT scheduled for the first day?

9. In the email, on which aspect is Yuna most satisfied?

10. What is the purpose of Yuna’s email?

11. According to the brochure, Zephirus has not been awarded for which of the following?

12. What is the main purpose of the brochure?

13. What is the writer’s overall impression on the upgraded Zephirus?

14. Which of the following upgrades was the author of the review most satisfied with?

15. For which did the author not give his highest score to the upgraded model?

16. What is the main purpose of the Notice?

17. Which method for blocking the export of IPs is mentioned in the Notice?

18. What is DIS’s decision on e-mails?

19. Which of the following does Ms. Tang suggest DIS to do?

20. Why Harriet opposes the ban of P2P programs?