Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện tập Part 7 - Bài 6

1. Why is Jenny Foster concerned?

2. What does Jenny Foster want to ensure?

3. What is true about the room Jenny Foster has reserved?

4. When did Jenny Foster make her reservation?

5. What is Jenny Foster asked to do if she wants to cancel her reservation?

6. On which day does Professor Fischer have morning office hours?

7. Which of the following classes meets the most times each week?

8. What is Lorraine’s job most likely to be?

9. What is Rupert Fischer’s request regarding the second graduate seminar?

10. When would Rupert Fischer most like to schedule the second graduate seminar?

11. On which day did Jubilant, Inc. receive the most spam e-mail messages?

12. How many spam e-mail messages did Jubilant, Inc. receive on January 5?

13. What does Rob Tyner offer to do?

14. What does Rob Tyner ask Alan Powers to do?

15. What does Rob Tyner say is an effect of receiving spam messages?

16. What is learned about Tryant Publications?

17. What can be inferred about Harry Steinberg and John Ren?

18. Which of the following positions is Tryant Publications NOT looking to fill?

19. What qualification does Tricia Kilduf claim to have?

20. What does Tricia Kilduf say she would like to do?