Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện tập Part 7 - Bài 5

1. What is the main topic of the article?

2. The word ‘‘network” in paragraph 1, line 4 of the article is closest in meaning to

3. What is the purpose of Mr. Penning’s email?

4. Where is Mr. Penning's store located?

5. Who is in charge of merchandise orders?

6. Who most likely is the advertisement intended for?

7. What is NOT stated about the facility?

8. Why has Mr. Kewell contacted Ms. Fargo?

9. Which feature of the facility is Mr. Kewell probably most interested in?

10. What does Mr. Kewell want to do?

11. According to the ticket, what is Mr. Small told to do?

12. When will Mr. Small leave Dayton on October 21?

13. Why did Mr. Small write to the airline?

14. The word “assignment” in paragraph 1, line 2 of the second passage is closest in meaning to

15. Which service is Mr. Small concerned about?

16. What is Mr. Knepper’s problem?

17. When did Mr. Knepper notice the problem?

18. Why did Ms. Yamamoto write her letter?

19. What is Mr. Knepper NOT entitled to receive?

20. Why is Mr. Knepper unlikely to get the benefits of the warranty?