Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện tập Part 7 - Bài 5

1. What is the reason for the significant increase in earnings?

2. How often does East-Jet meet with its shareholders?

3. Why is East-Jet purchasing an additional 14 Boeing 737s?

4. What is the purpose of this letter?

5. Who is Mr. Hendricks?

6. What must Mr. Hendricks do if he is in disagreement?

7. What is the purpose of this letter?

8. When was the piece of furniture delivered?

9. What will Jane Burnett do if the store does not respond?

10. What is the purpose of this letter?

11. How long has the writer had a problem?

12. What is the name of the magazine?

2490 Graham Avenue
Seattle, Washington
USA 38547

January 14
Phillip Macintyre
Software World Incorporated
879  Treemont Street
New York, New York
USA 57485
Dear Mr. Macintyre,
My name is Judith Bowman and I have been put in charge by the Systems Analysts
Association to organize speakers for our annual convention which is going to be held in Chicago, Illinois the weekend of September 12 of this year. I was in Los Angeles last summer to hear you speak to the Software Programmers Institute's convention and I was very impressed with your ideas. I believe your vision of the future of the field of computer science is exactly what my association is interested in.
For that reason, I would like to extend an invitation for you to come to our convention to speak. Our convention is going to last from September 12-14. We would be willing to pay for your entire trip including air fares, hotel accommodations, and meals while you are in Chicago.
If you are interested in accepting this invitation, could you please contact me as soon as possible? Even though this convention is several months off, we still have to print up schedules and invite other speakers, which, as you may or may not be aware, can take a long time.
Thank you in advance for considering our proposal.
Judith Bowman
Judith Bowman
Convention Organizer
Systems Analysts Association
13. What is this letter about?

14. What is NOT part of the letter’s offer?

15. What city did the writer see the speaker before?

16. To whom is this e-mail directed?

17. What should salespeople do if they receive complaints?

18. What is the purpose of this e-mail?

19. Who is Liz Gonzalez?

20. Why will the recipients be happy?

21. What is the main idea of this e-mail?

22. Who is Simon Morris?

23. When will the company stop accepting resumes?

24. What will Ms. Carter do if she likes Mr. Morris’ resume?

25. What is the purpose of this memo?

26. Which is NOT mentioned as what employees should do when calling?