Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện đọc với thư tín và message

Octorber 23

CKCR Radio

502 Regent Street

Hawthorne, NY 11011

Esta Moretti

76 Jersey Lane

Manfield, NY 10124

Dear Ms. Moretti:

I received the resume you faxed to us this morning, and I would like to thank you for your interest in working as one of our news reporters.

At this time, we have six full-time news reporters on our staff, which is sufficient to cover most major news stories in Hawthorne. However, we are always looking for part-time reporters and would be happy to have you come in for an interview.

Please call  me at (703) 231-8446 if you are interested in this opportunity. I hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely yours,

Simon Mowat

CKCR Station Manager

1. How did Esta Moretti contact CKCR?

2. What is mentioned about the news division?


To: Lisa Bowman

From: Angelo Mancini, Glendale Realty

Date/ Time of Call: March 4/ 11:30

Message: You previously scheduled a demonstration of our new software, ImagePro, tomorrow morning at 10:00 in Mr.Mancini’s office. However, Mr. Mancini has to show some commercial property to a client  in Geary City tomorrow morning, so he was wondering if you could come by his office between 1:00 and 3:00 in the afternoon instead. Could you please return his call before the end of the day to discuss this matter? His office number is 663-2824. If Mr. Mancini is not in when you call, please leave a message with his colleague, Sara Cummings.

Message Taken By: Reiko Suzuki

3. According to the message, who will be giving a demonstration of software?

4. Where does Angelo Mancini work?

5. What is Lisa Bowman supposed to do?

Top of Photography

With more than 1 million readers, this magazine is the nation’s top source of news in the world of photography!!

Selected “Magazine of the Year” four times since its founding in 1990!

Special Subscription Offer

Act now and get each issue for less than $2.50. That’s less than half of the regular newsstand price of $5.50!

Name: Marie-Eve LeClair

Street Address: 405 Sunbury Avenue

Apartment #: 1331

City: Burlington

Province: ON

Postal Code: E3B 5J7

Telephone: (428) 621-3400

Subscription Type:

x 3 years (36 issues) for $ 80.00
  2 years (24 issues) for $59.00
  1 year (12 issues) for $32.00

Renewal (Attach completed renewal form)

Payment Type

  Credit card (Enter credit card number here: ……………………)
x Payment Enclosed (Check payable to “Top of Photography”. Absolutely no cash.)
  Send me the bill with the first issue.
6. What is the regular price of Top of Photography?

7. What is NOT mentioned about Top of Photography?

8. Which payment arrangements have been made?

9. What is indicated about MArie-Eve LeClair?

10. What is NOT true about the offer?