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Luyện đọc với review, email và thông báo

Pine Tree Publisher is proud to announce the release of its latest work, Herman Goes to School. Written by Grorgettle Langlais, this delightful story describes the feelings that Herman has while preparing for his first day of school. Since all children experience nervousness and excitement on this particular occasion, this book is a must-read for any child. Other well-known titles by Geogrette Langlais include the nation’s top-selling children book, My Big Sister as well as the very popular A Day with my Grandfather.

Although Herman Goes to School will not be available in stores until November, it can be ordered through Pine Tree’s Web site at Simply click on “New Releases”. You will be able to view the price for both the hardcover and softcover versions. You can also see the first two pages of the book by clicking on the icon marked “Sample Pages”. All illustrations were done by Mark Ingram who also provided illustrations for My Big Sister. A biography and photo of Georgette Langlais is also included as well as the inspiration behind the book.

1. What kind of book is Herman Goes to School?

2. What information about Herman Goes to School is NOT included on the Web site?

3. What do Georgette Langlais and Mark Ingram have in common?

From: Dan Guest <>

To: All staff <>

Date: May 5

Subject: vacation requests

Starting in three weeks on May 26, a new policy regarding vacation scheduling will come into effect at Petra Gechanical.

In the past, we have experienced may disruptions in our regular business because our administration has not received advance notice of upcoming vacations. To encounter the problem, all employees will be required to submit an official request in writing at least 12 days before the vacation period begins. The official forms can be found on our Web site at If you would like time off, please fill out the form and submit it to Jane Boyce in human resources. Please be sure to sign the form.

We really appreciate your cooperation in this matter.

4. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

5. When will the change take effect?

6. What are employees instructed to do before taking a vacation?

From: David Washington <>

To: Anna Jackson <>

Subject: ATI Electronics Holiday Party

Date: Decemer 2

Dear Ms. Jackson,

CS Pizza has recently received you request to use our facilities for your company’s holiday party. We are delighted to tell you that we have the space available on the date you requested. We have reserved the privateroom for ATI Electronics for the evening of Saturday, December 21st.

Regarding the details of your inquiry, I have just two concerns. According to your letter, your compnay will have 85 people attending that night. However, whilie ther is space for 85 people in our private room 80 people is the maximum we’ve ever put in that room with a Christmas treen and other holiday decorations. If you want to seat 85 comfortably in the room, I recommend that the holiday décor be limited to just the table tops.

Also, your letter specifically says that the party will last until 1 A.M. This is later than we keep our wait staf, who we normally send home at midnight. However, we can make the exception here and keep our staff on until 1 A.M as long as you are willing to pay an additional fee.

Our team here looks forward to making your party a memorable and enjoyeable evet. While we have plenty of time to make this a very special night for you and your company, please respond to my two concerns at your earliest convenience.


David Washington

General Manager

CS Pizza

7. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

8. : What is NOT indicated about Ms. Jackson?

9. What is stated about CS Pizza?

10th Annual Palmerston Outdoor Art Festival

We invited over 200 artist from all over Palmerston to help celebrate the unique art heritage of this region. The festival, featuring a vast range of painters and photographers, will be held at the Wilmot Fairground, just east of Gilbert Elemetary School, from July 12 to 15. Tickets can be purchased for $9.50 at our main office ahead of time by calling (416) 3092-5846.

A workshop on landscape oil painting will take place on July 13 from 1:30 to 4:00. This event is not included in the regular price of admissioni and, as there are only 20 seats, registration must be submitted online at no later than July 10. The cost for participating is $21.00.

There are still a few tents left for any new artist wishing to showcase pieces. If you would like a place to display some creations, please phone Gregory Pratt at (416) 714-4128.

We hope to see you at the festival.

10. Where will the festival take place?

11. When does the event that requires advance registration begin?

12. Why might someone call Gregory Pratt?