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The Hamilton Times

May 14

Local Museum to Get Children’s Playroom

Frederic – The Frederic History Museum will soon have a place for young children to play while adults and older children tour the facilities. A playroom that can accommodate as many as 30 children will be added inside the museum just across the hall from the front counter.

All necessary construction will be done by Reed Contractor, and Simmons Design will be responsible for all paiting and interior decorating. All work will be done between May 20 and 31, and the museum hopes to open the room with an official ceremony on the first of the month.

With over 3,000 visitors daily, the museum is Fredericton’s biggest tourist magnet. The museum’s director, Margaret Coburn, welcomes the addition as it will give may local mothers the chance to visit the facility. “Although we get a lot of visits from tourists, we seldom see locals,” says Coburn. “The most common reason people give for not coming is that they have children who need  to be watched. This room will solve that problem.”

To: Margaret Coburn <>

From: Anthony Winslow <>

Date/Time: May 30/8:36:07

Subject: Small delay

Dear Ms. Coburn:

I’m very happy to report that the children’s playroom is almost done. All that remains is putting a coat of light blue paint on the black wall where the big window is located. We had hoped that, today, but unfortunately we will have to wait until tomorrow for that color to arrive from our supplier. The entire job should not take any more than two or three hours. This means that you will not have to postpone the open ceremony as everything will be done the day before.

I apogogize for the delay and appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Anthony Winslow

1. What is the subject of the article?

2. What does Margaret Coburn say about the addition of the children’s room?

3. What is true about the Fredericton History Museum?

4. Where does Anthony Winslow probably work?

5. When will the work indicated in the e-mail be finished?

Pens & More

2014 Wexford Road

Miami, FL 31002

Tel: (305) 902-6482

Fax: (305) 902-6483

Invoice number: 50-999-2825

Date: March 3

Items will be delivered on March 4. x

Items will be picked up on (date) .

Payment has been received. ___

Payment will be made by March 10.

Item Code Quatity or Number Cost per unit Cost
Sanders Heavy Duty Stapler DR-609 1 $46.00 $46.00
McMaster Ballpoint Pens KL-82 4 packs(5 pens in each pack) $9.00 $36.00
Layton Ring Binders (Black only) WT-099 5 $11.50 $57.50
Pickford Brand Regular Copy Paper MB-113 3 packs $28.50 $85.50
Kensington Easy Peel Address Labels JB-466 1 pack of 50 labels $5.50 $5.50

Total: $230.50

If you have any concerns with your order, please contact Larry Davidson at the number indicated in the letter head.

Thank you for your business!

Avery Advertising

1905 Sethmore Drive

Dayton, FL 32201

Tel: (307) 903-0845

Fax: (307) 903-0844

Date: March 5

To: Larry Davidson

From: Geogrette Lafleur

Re: Invoice 506-999-2825

Thank you very much for your delivery yesterday. We were glad to receive everything in the morning.

I do have a question about the Sanders items. Isn’t that particular item on sale until March 12? When I visited your store a couple days ago, Mary Wellington recommended that item because it was available for $5.00 of the usual price of $46.00.

Could you please correct this and send a new invoice right away? I would truly appreciate it.

Sincerely yours,

Georgrette Lafleur, Office Manager

Avery Avertising

6. How many pens have been purchased?

7. What can be inferred from the invoice?

8. Who most likely is Mary Wellington?

9. What item does Ms. Lafleur have a question about?

10. What does Ms. Lafleur ask Mr. Davidson to do?