Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện đọc với email, tờ rơi và memo

From: Andrea Leeds <>

To: Beverly Trumont <>

Subject: Job Opening

Date: July 1

Dear Ms. Truemont,

My name is Andrea Leeds and I work as a Recruiting Manager for Elite Staffing in downtown Sydney. I received you contact information from our mutual friend, Bob Hodges. He recommended that I contact you about a current position I am trying to fill.

One of my clients is Merkil Investments. They are currently looking for a new Financial Strategy Analyst to work at their head office in Sydney. I understand that you currently work in risk management for Melbourne Investments and would make an ideal candidate for this position.

Bob Hodges also mentioned that you want to move back to this area to be closer to your elderly mother. I believe that I can make you move a very prosperous one, both professionally and personally. I will be sending more details about the position at Merkil Investments, including the company’s generous pay and benefits package.

Please review the entire package when it arrives. I look forward to assisting you in your next successful career move.


Andrea Leeds

Recruiting Manager

Elite Staffing

1. What is the purpose of the e-mail?

2. According to the e-mail, why is Ms. Truemont interested in moving to Sydney?

3. What does Ms. Leeds plan to do for Ms. Truemont?

Grand Opening Celebration – Frederick Yard Maintenance

Frederick Yard Maintenance proudly announces its grand opening celebration in Millville. Frederick is fully insured. Our fees include the use of all equipment and products. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Our regular package includes all of these services:

  • Regularly-scheduled lawn morning
  • Yard clean-up
  • Trimming trees/bushes
  • Revoval of dead grass
  • Flower planting and care

If you choose a premium package, you will receive all of the services included in our regular package plus:

  • Driveway paving
  • Painting exteriors of buildings and fences
  • Installation of artificial grass

Special offer for all new, first-time clients: You will receive a discount of $35 off a regular package. Those who decide on a premium package are entitled to a $50 reduction.

We accept cash, money orders and all major credit cards. Sorry but we are not currently set up to accept checks.

Hurry before this offer is over!

Phone: (506)-644-2273


4. What is the purpose of the flyer?

5. What service is NOT included in the regular package?

6. What form of payment is not acceptable?


From: DanielleLaflame, Head of Accounting

Attention: All accounting staff

Subject: Employee Paid Holidays

Lately, many people have mistakenly requested more paid leave than the new company policy allows. According to the policy that came into effect last month, employees who have not yet completed one full year are entitled to only seven days of paid holidays during the first year following the completion of one full year. That means that during your second year of employment, you are entitled to eight days. Accordingly, any employee who has been here for five years can receive eleven days of paid holidays.

If you have any questions about this matter, or you would like to use a paid holiday, please see Mr. Bruno Gonzalez in personel. Mr. Gonzalez’s office is number 603. Please approach Mr. Gonzalle in person with a completed SL-202 Form indicating the exact dates you would like to take at least two days in advance as he needs time to process the request.

I hope this address all questions concerning this matter.

7. What is the purpose of the memo?

8. According to the memo, how many days of paid leave can a new staff member receive?

9. What do employeees have to do if they wish to take a day off?

Congratulations! You are the proud owner of a Deltex 3000 electronic blender. The Deltex 3000 can be used for anything from making a chocolate milkshake to grinding coffee beans.

Please follow these steps for assembling and operating the Deltex 3000.

  1. Always make sure your blender is not a flat, dry surface.
  2. To put the blender together, screw the ring tightly onto the pitcher as shown in the diagram on page 12. Make sure the ring is secure. The simply snap the pitcher into the base. To remove the pitcher for cleaning purposes, simply push the red button.
  3. Put all ingredients in the blender. Be sure that the level is not above the blue line marked on the pitcher. Plug in the blender.
  4. Once everything is inside the blender,place the lid on the pitcher. Before hitting the power switch, select the function. For soft food like yogurt and tomatoes, select “Regular”, but for solid foods lie ice cubes and nuts, slect “Chop”. Solid foods need more time to break up so please allow at least twice as much time.
  5. Clean the pitcher thoroughly after each use. Add a drop of dishwasher detergent and fill the pitcher no more than halfway with warm water. Run the blender for 30 seconds on the lowest speed.
  6. When you are not using the blender, be sure to keep it covered with the beautiful cloth included in this box. This will prevent harmful dust particles from entering the blender and causing damage.
10. Where would the information most likely be found?

11. What is mentioned about solid food?

12. According to the information, what should be done when the blender is not in use?