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Wanted: Volunteers

Help spread a happiness.

Greenberg Brothers is looking for volunteers for the annual Children’s Christmas Charity Party to be held on December 12th.

Every year since Greenberg Brothers was founded in 1975, we have hosted a Christmas Charity Party for underprivileged. These children are either resident in children’s homes or are currently being monitored by social services due to an unstable environmental.

We need two basic kinds of volunteers:

  1. People to collect money and gifts from local business
  2. People who will be able to assist on the day (supervising games, preparing and serving snacks, and providing a happy, carefree environment)

In particular, we need volunteers for the party who are qualified to administer first aid. We are required by law to make this provision.

If you are interested in volunteering, please talk to your office manager or send an email to, stating in which capacity you would like to offer your services.


From: Sally

Subject: Party Volunteers

Date: November 20th

I was very interested to read the notice posted in the staff room, and I’d like to offer my services as one of the Children’s Party volunteers. I’d be happy to help out in both the planning and preparation stage, and at the party itself. I am a qualified first-aider with up-to-date certification. The parties have a special meaning for me because, before joining Greenberg Brothers, I worked for social services for fifteen years. Every Christmas, the children I worked with used to look forward to the parties for weeks in advance. One of my acquaintances is a balloon toy making session for the kids. He’ll demonstrate a few shapes such as dog, rabbit – that kind of thing, and teach the kids so that they’ll all have a balloon toy to take home. He has spoken to Balloons For All, and they will be donating 300 balloons.

I look forward to learning more details.

Sally Day

1. What is the purpose of this notice?

2. Who will be attending the party?

3. What kind of people will be essential on the day of the party?

4. Why is the party of special significance to Sally Day?

5. What will each child receive to take home?

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June 25, 2005

Dear Sir,

Re: Coupon #MUJ8745

I recently applied for the above coupon, the details of which ran in the national press earlier this month. I am a 35-year-old with a clean driving license, no traffic violations, a perfect credit record, and no criminal background. However, when I tried to apply for this rental offer, I was treated like a common criminal.

I object strongly to the fact that I was fingerprinted, and my prints were run through police records. All I wanted to do was to take advantage of a $15 rental discount. I had heard that Johnson’s Motors operate according to very strict guidelines, but his is ridiculous. Furthermore, my application was rejected with no explanation other than, “Sorry, you do not fit our rental criteria.” I cannot begin to imagine who you do rent cars to.

I will be warning all my friends and acquaintances against using Johnson’s Motors.


Matthew Jernsted

6. What is this advertisement for?

7. Which of the following is required?

8. When is it possible to receive one day’s free rental?

9. What happened to Matthew Jernsted?

10. How does Matthew Jernsted feel about Johnson’s Motors?