Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Luyện đọc với bài báo và phỏng vấn xin việc

From: Hazel Irwin <>
To: Lindsey Monotail <>
Subject: Speech Request
Date: May 23

Hi Lindsey,

As you know, Robert Hulking will be awarded the CGS Excellence in Sales Prize at a special ceremony at the Persian Hotel this Saturday. Mr. Hulking recently informed me that you were his supervisor when he first came to CGS five years ago, and that you and your business advice have greatly contributed to his recent success. To honor both your work as Senior Sales Supervisor and Mr. Hulking’s recent achievement, I would like to ask you to present the award this Saturday. As part of the presentation ceremony, you will be asked to give a brief speech about Mr. Hulking. It would be a good idea to include some personal anecdotes as well as professional stories to help highlight Mr. Hulking’s character.

Please contact Sara Benhunt, my secretary, before 2 p.m. today and let her know if you can attend the event. Her extension is 3125. I hope you will join us.

Hazel Irwin
Director of Public Relations

1. Who is Robert Hulking?

2. What should Ms. Monotail do before 2 p.m.?

Deloit Industries to Open Another Factory

Deloit Industries, a leading producer of construction equipment, plans to open another factory in 2007. The new factory will be built in Rayong, Thailand, where a number of other large-scale manufacturing companies are located.

The company’s decision was criticized by many local officials, who claim that Deloit Industries plans to exploit local laborers. In the last decade, many companies have migrated to Thailand because the country’s average wages are significantly less than those in North America and Europe. By operating in Thailand, companies are able to decrease their annual expenditures and increase profitability.

Unfortunately, these profits do not always benefit the local communities. According to a company spokesman, however, Deloit Industries will implement a couple a strategies that will benefit the local laborers and their families, and giving academic scholarships to employees’ children.

The company has implemented similar strategies for employees working at its mines in South Africa, processing plants in the Philippines, and packaging facilities in Brazil. In each place, the company has attempted to hire local workers and integrate itself into the local community. In July, the company hosted a charity event in Buenos Aires, Argentina, to raise money for local schools.

3. According to the article, why has Deloit Industries’ decision been criticized?

4. What does Deloit Industries plan to do at the facility in Rayong?

5. What is NOT mentioned as another one of Deloit Industries’ businesses?

Jerry Walker has been the head coach for the Chicago Islanders for the last eight years. On August 23, 2007, Mr. Walker will be inducted into the prestigious Basketball Hall of Fame. Mr. Walker agreed to sit down with Sports World to discuss his remarkable career.

Interviewer: So, what does it take to be a professional coach?

Mr. Walker: Actually, a lot of people ask me that, and I always tell them the same thing: work, work, and more work. People are always surprised by my answer.

Interviewer: Most people probably think that your job is pretty easy, am I right?

Mr. Walker: They see me on TV and get the impression that my life is glamorous. The reality of being a professional coach, however, is that you have to be able to multi-task and perform under pressure. I’m like a business manager and athletic trainer, all in one package. I develop training programs for my athletes, investigate other teams’ training habits, hire staff, fire staff, schedule practice sessions, consult with injured players, and negotiate contracts with new players.

Interviewer: That dies sound like a lot of work for one man. What does your wife think of your career?

Mr. Walker: Well, she wants me to teach in a university like she does rather than work as a coach. She worried about my health and doesn’t like the fact that we can’t spend much time together. I just love to see athletes excel, and to know that I had something to do with their success. That’s what I want the most.

Interviewer: What would you change about your job, if you could?

Mr. Walker: I wish I had more time to coach amateur players, like high school and college athletes. I think it’s important to develop the skills of up-and-coming athletes, not just ones who sign a contract with us.

6. Why are many surprised about Jerry Walker’s work?

7. What is NOT one of Mr. Walker’s responsibilities?

8. What is Mr. Walker’s wife’s profession?

9. What does Mr. Walker like most about his job?

10. What would Mr. Walker like to be able to do?