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A number of factors have led to a twelve-month freeze at Keystone Technology Industries. As consumer spending continues to decrease in response to the ongoing recession, demand for advanced electronic products has dropped sharply. The hiring freeze in conjunction with a reduction in production volume, is expected to ease the financial burden for Keystone. Keystone is one of the top five employers in the tri-state area. The company regularly hires over 1,000 new employees each year, including part-time help and interns.
1. In what way is Keystone changing?

2. Why must the change take place?

For over fifteen years, Bennington Industries has served as the ideal model of successful vertical integration. However, beginning next month, Bennington will begin our outsourcing program. Industry rumors initially indicated financial difficulties at the enterprise as the main reason for implementing an outsourcing program. In response to these reports, Bennington issued a press release yesterday refuting these speculations. According to a Bennington spokesperson, the enterprise is actually flourishing. In fact, the volume of business has increased at such a rapid rate that the company does not have enough highly trained personnel or facilities to meet the demand. Bennington announced that Synco Inc. will become Bennington’s primary distribution subcontractor and that WM & J will be one of Bennington’s manufacturing subcontractors.
3. What was the main purpose of the press release?

4. What is the reason a change is taking place?

Platinum Crystalis Card Application


  1. Are you a regular Crytalis cardholder? {}Yes   {}No

If no, please fill out the other side of this application. You will be asked about your yearly income as well as your current mailing address.

  1. Do you currently have an outstanding balance in excess of $5000?

{}Yes   {}No

  1. Have you ever been contacted by a collection agency? {}Yes   {}No
  2. Have you ever been convicted of a credit card crime? {}Yes   {}No

If yes, please attach a statement to explain

  1. Do you currently have other major credit cards? {}Yes   {}No

If yes, please list each card and the credit limit for each account.

I hereby certify that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge. I understand that Crystalis has the right to void my application if any of the information on this application is found to be untrue.




5. Which information is NOT asked by the Crystalis Company for regular cardholders?

6. Under what conditions can Crystalis void the application?

Given the popularity of the Internet, many companies have created company website to encourage online sales. However, companies must be vigilant with regard to secure online transactions. Despite state-of-the-art encryption software, two major online shopping companies have reported unauthorized access to their customer database via the Internet. Hackers gained access to nearly 200 customer profiles, which included private information such as credit card account numbers and home addresses. Both organizations have temporarily shut down their web sites to deal with the security crisis.
7. What is the main topic of this article?

8. What did the companies do in response to the security breach?

The city of Kenton recently conducted an organizational climate survey. The purpose of the survey was to assess the current work environment and obtain feedback from employees on workplace challenges and opportunities in order to make the organization a more desirable and productive place to work. More than 1000 employees responded to the survey. 97% feel sexual harassment is not a problem, 93% feel age discrimination is not a problem and 88% feel that racial and ethnic discrimination is not a problem. The City of Kenton now plans to strengthen its workplace discrimination will be provided to all employees and supervisors in particular. Overall, 98% of the surveyed employees expressed satisfaction with the work environment.
9. Who did the city of Kenton recently survey?

10. Which of the following does the survey indicate?