Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 4

How long has Ms. Garcia worked at the company?

1. What is the speaker discussing?

2. How long has Ms. Garcia worked at the company?

3. What is Ms. Garcia’s current position?

4. Who is the speaker?

5. What is the evening’s featured main course?

6. What will listeners most likely do next?

7. What happened at the conference center?

8. What is the purpose of the announcement?

9. Who are employees asked to speak with?

10. Why is the speaker calling?

11. What is Dr. Kim doing now?

12. When is the latest Debbie can see the doctor next week?

13. Where is this talk most likely being given?

14. What are listeners asked to do?

15. Where will the listeners stop first?

16. What is the main purpose of this announcement?

17. When is the announcement made?

18. Where are listeners asked to meet the passengers?

19. Why is this broadcast being made?

20. What problem is the Springdale School District having?

21. What will listeners hear next?

22. What is the topic of the talk?

23. What was one feature at the National Automobile Preview?

24. What does Mr. Lee want?

25. What is being advertised?

26. How can listeners receive a chance to win a new car?

27. What will visitors have the opportunity to do?

28. For whom is this announcement intended?

29. What is being changed?

30. How will annual bonuses be calculated next year?