Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Câu phủ định

To: All library employees
From: Management
Subject: Elevators
Please note that elevators one and two will be out of service today due to monthly maintenance. Stairs on the east end of the building can be used for access to floors one-three. Elevators three and four, with access to the basement and parking garage, will still be in service. All elevators will be in regular working order tomorrow.
1. Which elevators are NOT working?

2. What areas of the building do elevators three and four service?

Office supply inventory form

On the last day of each month, all employees are responsible for taking an inventory of the remaining supplies in their area. These inventories will be used to make purchases of supplies for the coming month. On the list below, please indicate how many of each you have remaining in your area:
Rubber bands----------- 
Boxes of paper clips ------------
White out ---------------
Toner cartridges ----------------
Pens (red) ------------
Boxes of staples ------------
Reams of copy paper----------
Pens (black) ------------
 Pens (blue)-------------
3. When must employees record their inventory?

4. Which of the following is NOT on the inventory form?

5. Which of the following has several entries on the list?

Subject: Free courses
Date: August 3 2006

Dear sir,

I work in the Foothills Community College canteen, and I recently heard about free courses offered by the college. Is it true that all full-time staff can apply for these courses? I have been working here since the middle of June, and I am very interested in studying. Please send me further information about these courses and the application process.
Thank you for your assistance.

Sally Day

From: registration Subject:
Re: Free courses
Date: August 4 2006
Dear Sally,
Here is our free course online information brochure:
Foothills Community College is now pleased to offer free college courses to all of its full-time staff and faculty. Funding for these courses has been provided by the State of Oregon and is available to all full-time staff and faculty who have been working at the college for at least three months. To register for classes:
1. Obtain a class request from the department secretary.
2. Make sure your classes do not interfere with your normal work schedule.
3. Present your selections to your supervisor and obtain his or her signature.
4. Register for your classes online through the college website.
5. When you are asked for payment method, enter your departmental code. Your confirmation for registration will be sent to your email account within one working day.


6. Why did Sally send an email to the community college?

7. Which of the following is NOT true?

8. How can a person register for classes?

9. According to the second step, what must applicants do?

10. What must applicants receive from their supervisors?