Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

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Due to increased security concerns, all computers at Macki Corporation must run current virus-scanning software. This software will scan disks and files that have been downloaded from the Internet for possible viruses. New virus definitions must be downloaded each month from the Macki Website since new viruses can be created at any time. Failure to run virus software on your computer will result in immediate termination from Macki Corporation.
1. What will happen to employees who do not use virus software?

2. When can new viruses be developed?

Christmas Gift Wrap

In celebration of the coming holiday gift-giving season, we are pleased to announce the following special offer. Beginning December 1st, all mall customers spending at least $50 at any store are eligible for free gift wrapping during this holiday season. Just bring your gifts and sales receipts to the fourth floor of Clifford's Family Mall, and we will wrap your gifts free of charge. This free offer is only available during weekdays. A small fee will be charged for gift wrapping on weekends. Please, only three packages per customer, per day. No packages over fifty pounds. Offer expires December 24 .
3. When is the free gift wrapping offer valid?

4. How many gifts per customer can be wrapped each day?

5. When does this offer end?

Subject: Videoconferences
Date: February 2 2007
Dear sir,
I am the manager of the Customer Business Center at the Hamilton Hotel. Recently, many of our clients have been asking about the possibility of videoconferencing. This is not a service that our hotel currently offers, but we are very interested in setting up such a system. I came across an article about Sprung Technologies in a trade magazine, and so I am contacting you to find out more about videoconferencing and the costs involved. How much would it cost on average, and what kind of equipment would we need to install? Also, what kind of technical support do you provide?
I look forward to your response.
Yours faithfully,
May Murphy

Subject: RE: Videoconferences
Date: February 2 2007 ,
Dear Ms. Murphy,
Thank you for your interest in our videoconferencing services. I hope the following information will be helpful.
Two-point videoconferences are billed at $200 per hour. Multiple point conferences are $350 per hour. Reservations may only be made by calling Sprung Technologies at 1-800-VIDEOCON. We can set up a conference in the location of your choice, or you can come to our offices. After making the reservation, the client should arrive at the location of the videoconference about ten minutes early. The videoconference will start automatically in the designated room. The conference will also end automatically after the allotted time has expired. Questions or technical problems can be addressed at the time of the conference through our customer service line.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of further assistance.
Roy Jenkins
6. How did May Murphy find out about Sprung Technologies?

7. What would May Murphy like to know?

8. How much will a videoconference involving four locations cost?

9. How can a client make a reservation?

10. What should a customer do if there is a problem during a conference?