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Bài đọc single và double passages | Bài 7

Waldorf Books is excited to announce it will be offering a new print-on-demand publishing service. The company has created a database of all the major and minor book titles in the world and developed a program that can access electronic versions of these books. If a customer is unable to find a book in paperback or hardcover in the store, he can go to the Print-On-Demand kiosk and with the push of a button print a copy of the book without ever leaving the store! This new technology has a couple of advantages: customers can choose from a more extensive selection of books, and the final product is cheaper. The service is especially useful for individuals who are most interested in less popular titles by relatively unknown authors. The print-on-demand service will be available at all Waldorf Books stores starting this September.
1. What service will Waldorf Books offer?

2. According to the advertisement, who will benefit the most from the service?

32 Turtle Rd.
Wilmont, WI 20548
August 23

Dear Mrs. Malloy,
We recently discovered that your subscription to Gourmet Chef Monthly will expire in September and you have not decided to renew it. To encourage you to reconsider your decision, we’d like to offer you a special, one-time-only offer: if you choose to renew your subscription, we will give you a fifty percent discount on each monthly issue from October to March. According to our database, you were playing $6 per issue; with this discount you would only have to pay $3.00. This offer is only valid if you apply to renew your subscription before September 15th. We’re offering to cut the cost of your subscription in half. Can you really ask for a better deal?

To accept our offer, please call us at 1-800-254-9864. Our office is open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity; call one of our helpful customer service agents today. We look forward to your business.

Warmest Regards,
Ross Cather
Sales Director, Gourmet Chef Monthly

3. Why did Ross Cather write the letter?

4. When will Mrs. Malloy’s existing subscription expire?

5. How much is Mrs. Malloy paying per month now?

From: Gail Rogers

To: John Harlow

Date: June 21
Subject: Problems with the network

Dear Mr. Harlow,
I don’t know if you’re received other complains already this morning, but at the moment I’m being denied access to the company’s network. I’ve never experienced something like this before. My co-worker, Jim Stevens, said he was having the same problem. When I enter my employee ID and password, I receive this message: Employee ID invalid. I’m positive that I’m entering the correct ID, so I don’t know why I can’t access the network. I tried to contact the Computer Technician, but he hasn’t replied to my emails. I was hoping that you would be able to help me, since you’re the Technology Supervisor. I would really appreciate any assistance you can provide at this time.



From: John Harlow
To: Gail Rogers
Date: June 21
Subject: Re: Problems with the network

Hi Gail,
I’m sorry that I did not reply sooner, but one of the computers on the fifth floor unexpectedly shut down and I had to investigate the cause. Our Computer Technician, Thomas Benson, has the flu and will not be in the office for the rest of the week. I have heard from many other employees today, and they all mentioned the same error message. I think the problem might be that we updated our company security system, but I can’t be certain until I do a little more research. I’m not sure why, but we seem to be having a lot of problems with our computers lately. This is the tenth complaint I’ve received this morning. I have scheduled a meeting with the Administrative Supervisor, Philip Downs, at 3 p.m. He should be able to tell me how to fix the problem. Usually, the kind of error message you describe appears when there is something wrong with the security settings. In the meantime, I recommend that you save all of your current files on a hard disk because there is a possibility that we will have to erase your hand drive. If you have any questions before 5 p.m., you can reach me at ext. #5498.

John Harlow
Technician Supervisor

6. What is TRUE about Gail Rogers’ computer problem?

7. Who did Gail Rogers try to contact first?

8. In the first e-mail, the word “denied” in line 2 is closest in meaning to

9. How does John Harlow plan to resolve the problem?

10. What is Gail Rogers advised to do?