Trang chủ / TOEIC 750 / Part 7

Bài đọc single và double passages | Bài 3

Attn: All advertising associates
The meeting with Gilman Electronics was rescheduled from Friday, April 22, to Monday, May 25. I received an e-mail from their CEO, Robert Towney, informing me that Gilman Electronics is not ready to introduce the new computers due to production delays. Apparently, technicians discovered a serious defect in one of the microchips and consequently all of the computers have to be re-evaluated. Therefore, we have about a month to work on the advertising campaign. I recommend that we meet early next week – perhaps Monday or Wednesday – to discuss the current at campaign and determine whether or not we want to change it now that we have some extra time. Please e-mail me by 4 p.m. today with your comments or suggestions about the Gilman account. As you know, Gilman is our biggest client so it is critical that we provide the best service possible.

Mark Johnson
Director of Advertising

1. What information does the memo provide?

2. What is the reason for the production delays?

3. Why will the advertising associates meet early next week?

4. What does Mark Johnson mention about Gilman Electronics?

To: Meghan Michaels <>
From: Patty Gore <director@dataware.come>
Subject: Salary Inquiry

I received your e-mail about your request for an increase in your salary, which you submitted to the Human Resources Department on February 22. We certainly appreciate the demands that this position places on you, and understand that other companies pay more for the same amount of work.

As you know, however, Dataware is a small domestic company that just began operating in New York a year ago. Therefore, we not have a large enough budget to comply with your request. As we discussed in our initial interview, there is a possibility that you will receive a promotion and a ten percent salary increase at the end of this year. Unfortunately, we cannot offer you anything at this point. In fact, I was quite surprised that you were requesting a salary increase less than two months after the date you signed the contract.

I understand that you are currently looking for other book. If you do not find this reponse acceptable, than I regretfully accept your resignation.

Patty Gore


Data Processors
67 Fleet Street
London SW1 9AB
March 17, 2007

Dear Mr. Humphrey,
I am writing to confirm my acceptance of your employment offer of March 15 and to inform you how excited I am to be joining Data Processors in London. Software engineering is exactly what I went to school for and I feel confident that I will make a significant contribution to the corporation. I am thankful for the opportunity you have given me.

As we talked about on the phone, I will report to work at 9:00 a.m. on March 22 and will have completed the medical examination and drug testing by the start date. Also, I will complete all the employment and insurance forms for the new employee orientation on March 24.
I look forward to meeting everyone and am grateful for your generous offer.

Meghan Michaels

5. What did Ms. Michaels present to the Human Resources Department?

6. What can be known from Patty Gore’s letter?

7. Why did Meghan Michaels write the letter to Mr. Humphrey?

8. What will happen at Data Processors on March 24?

9. Which of the following does the new position require of Ms. Michaels?