Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Sự phù hợp giữa chủ ngữ và động từ

Mr. Evans from Evans Pies called earlier. He said they ---1--- made the pumpkin pies you ordered for the Thanksgiving party. They are ready for you to pick up this afternoon. He said that ---2--- might be possible to deliver them if you can call him before 3:30.    
There ---3---no delivery charges if you choose that option. Mr. Evans is also going to give you free paper plates and napkins as a special gift. His number is 883-0238.  




To: Dave, Brian, and Gwen
From: Helen
Re: Magazine subscriptions
Date: January 22nd
It's time to renew subscriptions to the company magazine. As you three ---4--- the subscriptions collectors for your department, I'd like to ask you to start talking to the others in your office and ---5--- if you can get any new subscribers. You did a great job last year, and we now have over 300 employees reading the magazine. The Head Office wants to increase this by 10%.
There is a $100 bonus for the person who---6---the most subscriptions.