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Part 6: Bài tập tổng hợp 5


Memory Map Game

by Riven Learning Co.

For 1-6 players, 5-11 years old

Children can ___1___ their observation and memorization skills with this puzzle that features a colorful picture map of a city.

To begin the game, children must place the 125 picture cards faced down. Each player then draws a picture card, turns it over, and waits for their turn to ___2___ the picture card to the map.

___3___ a player cannot find where their picture card goes on the map, they must pick up another picture card.

The first player to get rid of all their picture cards wins the game.

Price $21.99





Dear Arcish Furniture,

I recently purchased a leather sofa from your outlet. The sales representative, Maureen, ___4___ me to purchase the 10-year warranty. I was told that if my furniture was accidentally damaged, even by a pet, the store would repair it at no cost to me.


Last week, my cat scratched the sofa, leaving three deep marks in the leather. The marks are clearly visible from a distance. I was surprised to learn from the manager that the 10-year ___5___ does not cover damage done by household pets when I was informed otherwise.


I have reviewed the fine print on the contract, and I can see that pet damage is not covered. However, this is not what Maureen told me when I bought the sofa. I feel I was ___6___ about the terms of the warranty. I accept responsibility for not reading the full contract, but I trusted that I was being given all the facts.


I would like Arcish Furniture to fix my couch. I await your response.


Marcel Boule




Tampa Daily News - Available in Print and Online
The Tampa Daily News has two versions of its printed newspaper available online. One version ___7___ the printed edition, including the editorial and news pages. This is available at
The other ___8___ is a special online edition that includes additional sports, lifestyle, and real estate pages.
The electronic edition ___9___ has a complete classified section as well as up-to-date movie listings.


The electronic edition is available at Subscriptions to the printed version of the newspaper are available at







The following changes will be effective as of Monday.

First of all, the dress code is changing slightly. You may still wear the ___10___ black pants and skirts as before along with the company shirt.


However, employees are no longer allowed to wear shoes with heels higher than two inches.

Secondly, we are implementing a new marketing promotion. From now on, when customers come through your register lineup, you should ___11___ ask them if they would like to provide an e-mail address.

This will register them to receive notification of upcoming specials.

Finally, ___12___ we are switching to a new coupon-based system, we will be discontinuing the use of customer reward cards. Reassure customers that they can redeem points until the end of the year. Explain to customers that the coupon system will provide greater savings.

If a customer has any further questions, please refer him or her to the manager on duty.

Thank you for your hard work in recent weeks.