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Part 6: Bài tập tổng hợp 3


September 12, 2008.

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 July 15


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 An accident blackspot near an elementary school is to be urgently renivated, it was announced yesterday.

The order came as Works Ministry Secretary Nayef Al Kalali, accompanied by Northern Municipal Council chairman Yousuf Al Kalali has ordered that work __7__ the road begin immediately, to protect children from danger.

__8__ will include speed reduction measures such as road humps, advancements to the existing road structure and the installation of mirrors for drivers' better visibility.

Al Boori praised the ministry's swift response in __9__ the problem, wothout the council having to  request for it.




Members of the 77 Special OperationsWing Safety Ofice are ___10___ preparing for a team of inspectors stopping here jan. 15-20 to evaluate the wing's mishap prevention program.

This evaluation ___11___ the compliance of program directives and the effectiveness of mishap prevention programs for units at the wing level and above, to include flight, ground, and weapons safety disciplines, said George Caprioli, ground safety manager.

The inspectors will also ___12___ all safety documentation and records at the Wing Safety.

Office and all work centers in the wing, including processes, facilities and equipment.