Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Ôn tập ngữ pháp và từ vựng tổng hợp | Đề 35

With over 170 stores and restaurants, the Maplewood district of Ancestor has not always been known as a (1) ………….. area. Yet, recent development is altering perceptions.

Beginning last year, developers began to focus on the Maplewood district as an ideal location to construct a series of town houses. This middle income housing is designed to (2) ………. young families and first-time home owners who are seeking both an affordable and a convenient location, close to the downtown core.

The construction of the new town houses will begin next month, along with the construction of two other (3)………….new luxury condominium buildings, which are being built by the same developer, north of the Chippewa River, at 324 King Street and 1209 Waterdown Rd.

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I am pleased to announce that Mary Murphy was recently promoted to manager of the real estate development department. She will start her new position on May 15. Most of you know that the company’s sales department has been under the (4) ……… of Ms. Murphy for two years. During that period, a comprehensive (5) ……….. of the property development industry has allowed her to increase the company’s real estate sales by 150 percent.
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Subject: Decrease your energy consumption

The Metcalf Fuel Co. is encouraging customers to conserve electricity during the winter season. We have added a Save Energy section to our website which offers tips (7) ………. cutting down on the amount of energy you use. Our questionnaire will help you check where you consume the most energy and obtain (8)………… information on how to save energy in every room of your home. If you are concerned about (9) ……….bills, please check the section to find information on which appliances use the most energy.

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There was a problem between rapper Bacardi and Froot Loops. They were having problems with their labels, and next thing you know, they were having problems with (10) ……… . It all started when Bacardi went to Froot Loops studio to record a song they promised to do together. Right when they were about to record, the company’s CEO had told Mom to not record at all, because they have wasted too much time waiting for just one song and that made the CD not come out on time. Bacardi told Froot Loops that he was informed late, and did not want to hear any of this, especially from his CEO. The two had been heated ever (11) ………… Bacardi left the studio without saying a word, but a mutual friend had come in the scene and made stop all of this. Now they are recording together like they had before.
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