Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Ôn tập ngữ pháp và từ vựng tổng hợp | Đề 3

Notice to all Movie-rama movie house managers.

Now that the summer movie season is approaching, we at Movie-rama would like to remind all of our managers that food and drink sales should (1)………by 200%.

Especially in the case of cola and flavored water, sales should increase by 300%. To achieve the intended sales goals, we recommend putting (2)……….salt on the popcorn, which will make customers more thirsty, which, in turn, will increase drink sales.

Also, be reminded that Movie-rama movie theatres are now selling Sugar Cone ice cream bars. The suggested selling price is two dollars, but each theatre can set their own           (3)…………. .

Thank you all, and have a (4) ………….summer.

The Management

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The big news in sports today is whether boxing champion Tyson Lewis will come out of retirement. Tyson Lewis was the three time world champion who quit boxing to become a children’s book (5)……….

His most well-known children’s book is The Happy Pigs Go Camping. When asked why he gave up a multi-million dollar (6)……….in boxing to write children’s books, Mr. Lewis said, “Because I like kids.”

Tyson Lewis has been seen (7)……… Rocky Stalliano’s Fitness Center and may be close to a return to the sport of boxing. If he returns he will fight the current heavyweight champion Buster McFluster in Las Vegas.

Can Tyson Lewis make a comeback? Many people, including all of the (8)………….        of the Happy Pig book series, hope so.

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When most people think of movies, the city that comes to (9)……is Hollywood. Hollywood is famous for its movie studios, and people often visit in the hopes of meeting a famous actor or actress.

But these days, Hollywood is not the only world city famous for movie production. Another city that is becoming (10)………..around the world is Mumbai, India.

In (11)…….., in the entertainment industry, Mumbai is known as Bollywood!

India’s Bollywood produces an average of ten movies per day, and the movies are distributed throughout the world. All Bollywood movies follow the same (12)……….; there is a lot of singing, dancing, action, and romance, but there is no nudity or extreme violence. And Bollywood movies usually run for three hours or more!

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