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 Wanted: Film Subtitles Coordinator

The duties of this position include working with spotters, translators, computer technicians, (1) ……….. clients to oversee the addition of Japanese subtitles to film. At least three years’ experience in the subtitling industry is a must for all applicants. The working hours for this position are flexible, (2) …………..  there will be some compulsory overtime. Candidates need to be able to work well under pressure (3) ………. this is a stressful job, especially when working on projects scheduled for worldwide simultaneous release. Interested applicants should submit a current resume and cover letter to RapidTitles by December 15th.
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Subject: Subscription

Date: March 23 2006

Dear sir,

I have subscribed to PC Land magazine for two years. My subscription expires every January, (4) ………… my subscription fees are automatically taken from my bank account by direct debit. This is a method I chose (5) ………… it is very convenient and allows me to continue receiving my magazine.  Unfortunately, I have not received a single issue of PC Land so far this year. I telephoned customer services at the end of January, and they said I would receive my January issue with my February issue (6) ………….. , I have received nothing, and it is almost the end of March.

Please sort out this problem, or I will need to ask for a refund.


Harold Winsor

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Notice to set-up crew

The Computer Supplier Conference will be held in the Cherry Jubilee Room. Please arrange the (7) …….next to the computer terminal because they will be hosting a (8) …… with suppliers from overseas. The room will need 35o chairs on the floor and ten chairs up on the stage. Please leave two aisles going from the stage to the (9)……….. of the room. If you have questions, contact Mr. Davey.

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Date:   September 23, 2005



Subject: Stationary Order

This is just to confirm the order placed over the telephone earlier today. As we discussed before, I would like to order the (10) ………… items:

32 boxes of A4 paper, white, recycled

20 boxes of A4 paper, white (NOT recycled) 2 packs of A4 paper, green

2 boxes of black ball point pens (the cheapest you have in stock) 1 box of red ball point pens

15 large glue sticks, any brand

I would also like to confirm that this order will be (11) ………… to our account, as is our usual policy. Please send the (12) ……….. as soon as it is ready. I need to submit it to the accounting department before the end of the week.

Thank you for your consideration, Hayley Mills

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