Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Ôn tập ngữ pháp và từ vựng tổng hợp | Đề 2

Hi Mom,

You were (1) ………. when I left, so I’m leaving this note for you to read. I am going to spend the night at Anna’s, so don’t wait up for me. I have also taken the spare keys from the hook in the kitchen, so don’t be (2) ……. to find them missing. I can’t find my keys—don’t worry, because I know they are in the house somewhere. I used them to let myself in earlier today. My room is just (3) ……. mess that I can’t find them in there. I’ll be sure to tidy up when I get back tomorrow evening. I know that you hate my room being so messy. Anyway, I’ll see you tomorrow. Hope you managed (4) ……… the coat you wanted.

Love, Melanie

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Homeowners should be aware of everything they can do to protect their homes and valuables (5) ……… theft. If possible, get your neighbors to set up a neighborhood watch scheme. That way everyone can keep an eye on each other’s house. Secondly, insurance is vital for the contents of your home. If you have some particularly valuable items, you should insure these separately.  (6) ………… of your valuables and keep these photos somewhere safe. You can also increase your

chances of stolen property being returned to you by marking your items with a fluorescent pen. The ink from the pen is invisible to the naked eye and will not (7) ………. items. However, if the police recover your property, they can scan it with a UV light and they will be able to see your markings. It is best to mark items with your phone number or zip code. Thousands of items are found by the police every year, but can’t be returned (8)………… there is no way of identifying the owners.

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Home Furnishings up to 50% Off!

Alters Department Store is having a sale on home furnishings. It’s time again for our annual sale, and you can make big savings. Alters is (9) ………. for the high quality of its merchandise, so you can be sure you are buying wisely. We are offering 20% off all silk cushion covers, 30 % off the price of ready-made curtains, and an incredible 50% off Persian rugs (offer applies only to ticketed rugs). Our color specialists will be on hand to offer (10) …….. on color coordination of the items you buy. For a special reduced fee, they will visit your home to create a theme for the room of your choice. This service (11) ……….costs $150 per visit, but we are offering it for the bargain price of $75. Hurry —these special offers will be (12)……     one week only!

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