Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Ôn tập ngữ pháp và từ vựng tổng hợp | Đề 10

To: All teachers

From: The principal Re: Promoting Science

As you know, we at Grange High School for Girls are actively trying (1) ………..the sciences to our students. Recent school league tables showed the students at Grange High School for Girls to be (2) ……………..the lowest in science-related subjects. We have less students choosing to study sciences, and those students who do take sciences do not get good grades. I would like to ask you to encourage the girls to become interested in science. Let them know that it is not “just for boys.” To make sure they understand what opportunities are available to  (3) …………  with a good knowledge of biology, chemistry or physics, I am inviting a series of speakers to talk about their experiences. Wherever possible, these speakers will be women from the local community who are at the top of their field. Our first speaker will be Dr. Philippa Green, who is in charge of Grange Hospital’s blood laboratory. Our second speaker is not yet  (4) ………. but I have invited Mrs. Edwina Jones, color designer for Revreal Hair Dyes Inc. Please encourage your students to attend these after-school talks.

Many thanks.

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Volunteers Wanted

 The Psychology Department of Queenstown University is (5) ………..volunteers to take part in an experiment. We need 150 volunteers: 75 men and 75 women. Volunteers should be aged (6) ……….. 20 and 25 and should not be taking any kind of medication. Volunteers must not be  enrolled in any of the university’s current psychology courses.

The experiment will take between thirty to forty minutes to complete. Participants will be asked to answer a series of questions after (7) ………..a short film. A small fee will be paid to participants. Coffee and tea will be also served during the film.

If you are (8)…………., please contact the Psychology Department secretary on 990-8887 before

January 30th.

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To: All sales personnel

From: The Manager

Re: Wireless Internet

It has (9) …………  to my attention that a lot of our customers are not aware that their computers have a wireless Internet connection capability. Recently several customers (10) …………  the store asking how to go about setting up an Internet connection. We always ask customers for details about their computers, and we discovered that a lot of these had bought their computers at our store. All of them had computers with the technology for a wireless connection. Be sure to explain all functions very carefully before making a sale. Show the customer how easy it is to (11) ………..  to the Internet in our store. We’d like you to show each customer how to apply for their warranty online. It will give a good (12) ………of our store, and help the customer, too.

Thank you.

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