Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Luyện tập: Thì của động từ

             The Springhedale School Board has _(1)__ the purchase of a set of new mathematics textbooks for grades one through six at Springdate Elememtary School at an estimated cost of $25,000.
             Springdale teachers requestedr record the new textbook series after student's scores on the state mathematics test declined for the fourth year in sucecssion.
             "One reason for recommending this textbook"-said fourth-grade teacher Mary Phillips " is that its internet tie-up allow students to work on __(2)_ and obtain __(3)_ feedback on their performance.
              We teachers are very excited about the potential of the new material.
              We are determined to see higher scores on the next math test".



Dear Sir/Madam:

I recently made use of your service when I placed an order for some clothing from your spring catalog. The package ------- on time, and it included everything I ordered.

As has always been true, I am quite satisfied with the quality of the items. However, I discovered that I also received a bright green ski jacket. I tried it on and found it was -------- my size.

 I may want to purchase it. If this jacket was the last one, maybe it needs to go to someone. -------, let me  know the price, and I will decide whether to buy it or return it.

Ken Hardin




Fax Transmission

To : Eugene Jones

From : The Personnel Section, Apex Disctronics Limited

Date : January 19

Dear Mr. Jones,

I would first like to thank you for your interest in working for Apex Disctronics Limited. We have reviewed your  application for the position of computer technician, and were impressed with your work experience and letter of recommendation based on the referrals that were included in your resume.

We ------- for you to come to our office sometime next week at your convenience for an interview.

Please call Ms. Sanders of the Personnel Section by Friday afternoon to schedule the interview.

If you -------- any travel expenses for the interview, such as taxi and train fares,

 we will gladly reimburse you for them up to a total amount of $ 100,00, ------- you retain and submit the receipts to  our reception desk when you arrive for the interview. We look forward to seeing you next week.


Joanne Wilson,

Manager of the Personnel Section, Apex Disctronics Limited




A tentative design for a new city swimming pool was ------- at a city council meeting attended by the mayor, six council members, and about 40 spectators. If ------- by voters in a special referendum scheduled for Tuesday, June 13, the new pool will have a total water surface area of 6,200 square feet. The new pool would feature three diving boards, three water slides, and two geysers.

The cost of constructing a new pool ------- at approximately $2.7 million said a spokesman for Aquatic Creations of Cumgberland, which has been designing swimming pools for 25 years.