Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Luyện tập Part 6 - Bài 6




Attention: Every one
Please take care when you use photocopies on the second floor. We have had to get the repairman in serveral times this month (1) _____ major problems with the machines.
If the copier doesn't work, or if paper gets jammed in the machine, do not attempt to deal with the problem (2) _____.
According to the repairman, unskilled handling of the coppier's internal parts can lead (3) _____ to much more serious problems.
If the copier you are using breaks down, pleas call our in-house maintenance technician Greg Summers at ext. 326. If Greg is busy with another call or away from the office, just move to another machine and place an "out of order" sign on the (4) _____ unit.




From: Andrei Shevkov (
To: Book Club (
Re: Book Reading

Hi, everyone,
I'm writing to let you all know that reowned author Carl Brandon (4) _____ a book reading at Halton bookstore on Friday night. The reading is supposed to begin at 8 o'clock, and it should last about 30 minutes.
Mr. Brandon will entertain the audience with (5) _____ from his lastest novel, entitled Under the Cover of Darkness. He will also be avaiable after the reading for a brief group discussion.
I think this could be a really interesting event to participate in, and I'm sure we could all learn a lot from it. (6) _____, I suggest that we convenene on Friday night instead of hold our book club meeting on Wednesday. I hope you are all okay with this processed change of schedule. If not, please get in touch with me so that we can make alternative arrangements.




September 14, 2018
Australian Inland Revenue Service
121 Howard Lane
Canbera, ACT

Kelly Jones 113 Geogre Street Homebust, Sydney, NSW

Dear Ms. Jones,
According to our records, you could be eligible for a tax (7) _____ for the last financial year. As a self-employed worker whose income last year was below the government's minium level, you may be entitled to reimbursement on the taxt that was automatically deducted from our earnings.
You wil find an IRS standard anual tax form (8) _____ . Please fill this form out and send it to the (9) _____ address marked above. The Inland Revenue Service will neither accept nor process any claims returned after the due date of October 31.
(10) _____ you lose this form or require another one for any reason, you can download it from our website at A glossary of terms used in the form is also available online. If you still require help in filling out the details, please contact our hotline at 0800-776-677.

Your sincerely,
Jo Kight Regional Director,
Australian Inland Revenue Service