Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Luyện tập: Mệnh đề quan hệ

June 19
Global Audio
2230 42nd
Street Los Angeles, CA 90245

Dear Sir or Madame: I received a bill from your company, which states that I have a (1) ------- of $500 on my account. According to the warranty, if there are any problems with the product I can return it within ninety days of the purchase date. I ordered the stereo system in May and I (2) ------- it from your company in the mail at the beginning of June.

However, I soon realized that the speakers did not produce any sound at all.

Because of this (3) -------, I promptly called the customer service center and spoke to a representative that told me to ship the entire stereo system back to the company. I am writing to confirm whether the stereo system was received or not and also when I can expect to receive a replacement.

Sincerely, Jonathan Macklin






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Dynabol Corporation wants to provide opportunities to not only develop professionally but also expand your cultural

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The Bahati Company submitted a report showing a ------- in sales for the fourth quarter. Bahati CEO Ron Bouchard says that the increase demonstrates the effectiveness of the sales training worshops provided by the company over the last two months. The increase shows the vitality and resilience of our company. This is the positive result of the changes we ---------. Production costs for Bahati Company have also decreased. The increased profit margin further illustrates the ------- of the company.