Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Luyện tập: Động từ - 2

June 12

Victor Lee

25 East Michigan Avenue

Lansing, Michigan 48912

Dear Mr. Lee,

Thank you for choosing to stay at the Maximus Hotel on your recent trip to Cleveland. Our records show that you stayed in our Grand Suite ___(1)___ the dates of May 4 and May 7.
We hope that you enjoyed your stay with us and would appreciate any feedback you could give us on how you found our ___(2)___ and facilities.

If you are interested in ___(3)___ a survey regarding your stay, please visit Thank you for your time.


June Weaver

Head of Customer Relations

Maximus Hotel, Cleveland




Beginning in October, Voyage Bus Co. will add a new bus route ___(4)___ commuters from Maxwell County with the Harrison Metro train station line to Harrison City.
The company currently runs 23 buses throughout the tri-county area and is the preferred mode of transportation for commuters to __(5)____ Yorktown and Harrison City, providing low fares and quick service.

Voyage Bus Co. is able to keep its fares down with the ___(6)___ it receives from advertisers. Advertisements appear, not only on the side of the bus, but also in the magazines provided on the bus, and in TV commercials aired on the bus's television station during the commute.




Kaplan Park's 24th Annual Ice Festival

Visit Kaplan Park for the 24th annual Ice Festival during the week of Monday December 26 to Sunday January 1 __(7)____ 10 A.M. until 8 P.M. each day.

There will be ice skating on Dorchester Pond, horse-drawn sleigh rides around the park, an ice sculpting contest, and an ice skating ___(8)___ by local pairs figure skating champions Lawrence Novak and Francesca Temple.
* Tickets to the event will be sold at the gate.

* The $10 admission fee will __(9)____ you to enjoy any event you choose, including free food and beverages from the park's refreshment stand.




Attention all employees:

There has been a change in policy regarding office supply orders. From now on, all orders must be __(10)____ through Cameron in administration.

If you would like to order something, please fill out an office supply request form, submit it to Cameron, and she will contact the supply company. Forms will be available in the faculty room.

__(11)____, Cameron will distribute all of the supplies once we receive them.

Any extra supplies will be kept in the cabinet at the back of the faculty room. Please check there for supplies before __(12)____ an order.

Thank you,