Trang chủ / TOEIC 550 / Part 6

Cách sử dụng trạng từ, giới từ và đại từ trong câu

To: Everyone
Subject: Party
Date: October 20th
Hi everyone,
As you know, the office Halloween party is coming up. As usual, we will have a costume competition. It is a (1)………… for you all to have some fun and win some great prizes. The party starts at 6 p.m. on Friday, October 30th. We will be closing the office early, so you will have one hour to get (2)………… I am looking forward to some great costumes. This year, the first prize is free membership at the company sports club for one year. Second prize is dinner (3)………… the Magic Chef restaurant for four people. See you on the 30th.
Miranda Kim
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3. Question 3:

Can you send Mrs. Sanders the new samples as soon as possible? She has called me (4)………… every day this week, including Saturday, and I feel like I am being (5)………… She has already seen most of the samples in my catalog, but she wants to see the newer materials. I have no time to fix something up myself, so I’d really appreciate your (6)………… There is a file on my desk with all the information.
Please take it if you need to check any detail. Call me after you send the samples.
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6. Question 6:

Too busy to clean your home? Ashamed to invite people to visit? Then you need Homework Cleaners. The famous cleaning service is now available in your town. Our cleaners will march (7)………… your home and clean it up in no time at all. Our cleaners can all be trusted to do a (8)………… job. Your house will be so clean, you won’t recognize it when you come home. We interview all staff very carefully, so you can feel assured that they will treat your home with respect. And, (9)………… prices are unbelievable. So give us a call today on 0334-778-3342 and find out more.
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9. Question 9:

23 Culver Lane
Alice Burns
934 Garden Highway
Dear Ms. Burns,
Thank you for your recent enquiries about “Woodworks”. Woodworks (10)………… a small family-owned company. We are in our sixth year of business. We specialize in hand-carved pieces. We (11)………… local wood and make sure three trees are planted to replace every tree we use. Woodworks has its own forest, and all of our products are made from trees that grow there. As you say, we are a little expensive. However, we make a unique, high-quality product. Every piece we make is designed individually. It takes about six months to make (12)………… of our products. Of course, this costs a lot of money.
Please enjoy the enclosed catalog.
Emma Richards
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