Trang chủ / TOEFL Junior / Listening

Why does the girl mention Randy?

Now you will hear longer talks or conversations. Each talk or conversation will be followed by three or more questions. Choose the best answer to each question and mark the letter of the correct answer on your answer sheet. You will hear each talks or conversation only on time.

1. What are the students mainly discussing 

2. Why does the girl mention Randy? 

3. What does the boy say about the food in the cafeteria?

4. What does the girl imply when she says this: "I don't want to do too much at once"?

5. What does the teacher say about the boy's recent homework? 

6. What does the teacher suggest about the study group?

7. What is the boy going to do after lunch today?

8. What is the main topic of the conversation? 

9. Why was the girl absent from class? 

10. What does the girl imply about Mark? 

11. What does the teacher give the girl?

12. What will the girl probably do next?

13. Why is the girl talking about doing another extracurricular activity? 

14. What does the boy mean when be says this "It seems like your plate is already full"? 

15. Why does the boy talk about the track team? 

16. Which extracurricular activity does the girl decide to do?

17. Why does the professor mention Watertown? 

18. According to the professor, when was the newly discovered art most likely made? 

19. What was found along with the art?

20. What is probably true about the recent discovery? 

21. What is the teacher mainly discussing? 

22. What can be inferred about the teacher? 

23. How does the teacher demonstrate the first law of motion? 

24. What is the third law of motion? 

25. What will the teacher probably do next? 

26. Why does the girl mention her sister? 

27. What does the teacher imply when she says this: "Be serious, Brad'? 

28. According to the teacher, how can traffic jams cause stress? 

29. Why does the teacher suggest that the students should do their homework early?

30. What is the teacher eplaining?

31. How were carts that ran on wooden tracks moved? 

32. What did George Stevenson do? 

33. What is probably true about railroads?