Trang chủ / TOEFL Primary / Listening

What is the story about?

Listen to a story about a cat named Max.


1. What is the story about?

2. Where did Max go first?

3. What did Max think he would see at the table?

4. What were the children doing during the story?

Listen to a story about Ricky and Adam.


5. Who talks about leaving on time?

6. Why are Ricky and Adam hungry?

7. What will Ricky and Adam do at the beach?

8. Who is Adam?

Listen to a teacher giving a science lesson.


9. What is special about the homing pigeon?

10. What is true about these birds?

11. How did these birds help people in the past?

Listen to a guide talking in an aquarium.


12. How are whales different from fish?

13. What do whale songs sound like?

14. Why do whales sing?

Listen to a teacher in a history class.


15. What is a good name for this lesson?

16. How did people find the old boat?

17. How did the workers build the new boat?

18. Where did the workers go on the new boat?