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Vicky in a forest

Read the story. Choose a word from the box. Write the correct word next to numbers 1-5. There is one example.

Vicky was an old woman who lived in a forest. There were lots of animals there, but she was the only __person__. She was friendly with many of the forest animals, but her favourite friend was a brown bear called Chocolate.

One morning, it was very cold and there was a lot of (1)___ on the ground. Vicky was on her way to see Chocolate when she fell and (2)____  her leg, but Chocolate came to help. Carefully, the big bear picked her up and took her to the village. Vicky wasn't afraid. He left her outside the little (3)___ then ran back into the dark forest. "Can someone help me, please?" shouted Vicky. Two doctors heard her and ran outside. They carried Vicky inside and looked after her. She was soon (4)___ and happy again.

The next time Vicky saw Chocolate, she (5) him. She never forgot the day that Chocolate helped her.

1. (1)____

2. (2)____

3. (3)____

4. (4)_____

5. (5)_____

6. Now choose the best name for the story