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The great day

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

The great day

Lost Wednesday morning, Daisy got out of bed and looked out of her bedroom window. There was snow everywhere. It looked amazing. Daisy ran quickly to tell her brother, Jim.

Downstairs in the kitchen Mum said, 'I've phoned the school. It's closed today!' The children were very happy. They texted their friends and they all agreed to meet at 10 o'clock in the park.

After breakfast, Jim and Daisy's mum gave them some biscuits to take with them. They said goodbye, and then they ran to the park. In the park, they looked for their friends. Something hit Jim on his shoulder. They turned round and saw their five friends with snowballs in their hands. Jim and Daisy picked up some snow, and threw snowballs back. They spent three hours playing like this. Then they stopped and ate Mum's biscuits.

Next the children got lots of snow and with this they made a big snowman. They put a hat and scarf on it and used small pieces of wood for its face. Then Jim took a photo of his friends next to the snowman.

Next morning when the children looked, there was no snow near their house. There was only a little at the top of the hills just outside their town. So they got ready, cycled to school and chatted about their great day in the snow.


It was when Daisy saw snow out of her window.

The snow made everywhere look


1.Mum had the school and found out it was closed
2. Jim, Daisy and their friends decided to go to the park at
3. A snowball hit Jim's when he and Daisy arrived at the park.
4. The children played with snowballs for
5. After eating the , the children made a snowman.
6. They gave the snowman a face which was made of
7. Next morning, the children could only see snow on the near their town.