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The golf ball

Look at the pictures and read the story. Write some words to complete the sentences about the story. You can use 1, 2, 3 or 4 words.

The golf ball

Richard and Emma are friends. One day, Richard said, 'Emma, would you like to play golf?' Yes,' said Emma. 'Let's go to the park by the river!' Emma was brilliant at golf, and the ball went a really long way when she hit it.

Richard and Emma saw the ball bounce once on the grass. Then they saw it fall into the river. 'Oh no!' said Emma.

The children saw a man who was fishing. 'Our golf ball went into the river. Can we borrow your net to get it, please?' asked Emma. The man agreed.

The children thanked the man, and went to find the ball. 'I can't see the ball from here,' Emma said. 'I know! If we stand up there on that bridge, we can see better,' said Emma. 'Good idea,' said Richard. 'Let's try!'

So they stood on the bridge and tried to get the ball with the net. Then Emma's hat fell off her head and into the river too!

But then a woman walked past with a friendly dog. Suddenly, the dog jumped into the water and fetched both the ball and the hat. The kids decided to stop playing golf and throw the ball for the dog instead, which was much more fun.


One day Richard invited to play golf with him.

They decided to play in the park that was in the future, like their father.


1. When Emma hit the ball, it went a very
2. The ball fell after it bounced once on the grass.
3. Richard and Emma borrowed a from a man who was fishing.
4. The children couldn't see the ball so they decided to go up on the
5. Emma lost in the water while they were trying to get the ball.
6. The woman's fetched the ball and the hat from the river.
7. Richard and Emma had throwing the ball than playing golf.