Trang chủ / A2 Flyers / Reading & Writing


Look and read. Choose the correct words and write them on the line. There is one example.
a pocket a museum stamps glass a year metal an address summer a chemist's presents a hospital a diary a handbag wood midday

This is the time of the year when the weather is hot and people often go to the beach or on holiday ...summer...
1. You can buy medicines, toothbrushes and combs from this shop.

2. This comes from trees and we make tables and chairs with it.

3. There are doctors and nurses in this place. You go there if you are very ill.

4. You write this on an envelope. Then the postman can take it to the correct house.

5. The is a book with spaces to write in for each day of the year.

6. This begins in January and ends In December.

7. These are things that you give to people who you like.

8. This is the time of the day which comes between morning and afternoon.

9. You can buy these from post offices and you put them on letters before you post them

10. We use this for the windows of cars and houses. You can see through it